Introduction: Οrigami Crane X 16

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I love making origamis! It is not just art, it is a lot more!


things you ll need for this project are:


paper cutter




a surface for cutting the paper

Step 1: Study How to Make Origami Cranes!

Unless you already know! I suggest you to make a few cranes before you start this project.

Step 2: Prepare Your Paper

First you need to make the paper square from rectangle. It is easy, just fold it as shown in photo and cut the stripe with the paper cutter.

Step 3: Prepare the Paper

fold the square paper into 16 squares and unfold it.

make 5 circles with radius 1cm on the paper using the compass (see 3rd photo)

make dotted lines at the folds (not inside the circles . see 3rd photo)

With the use of the ruler and the paper cutter you ll cut all the dotted lines

Step 4: If You Did Everything Right Then the Result Will Be Like This Below

Step 5: Start Making Origamis!

hint: make the mountain folds first.

Step 6: You Ll Do That 4 Times!!!

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