Introduction: ✌ Bleach Tie-Dye Dress ✌

very simple and unique :)

Step 1: Introduction.

Okay, so I had this beautiful black dress that acquired a couple bleach spots. Ain't no thang, right? Yeah, I thought so too until my Virgo boyfriend pointed them out. Here's my solution.
-preferably black clothing
-spray bottle
-ties/rubber bands
-plastic bag

Step 2: Step One:

I laid my dress flat on the floor, pinched where I wanted the spiral to begin and twisted clockwise until the dress was wound up into a ball.. I then secured the shape with hair ties (due to lack of rubber bands). The bands should make your dress look like a sliced pizza.

Step 3: Step 2

I used an old, failed attempt at teaching my cat obedience but any spray bottle will work. I used one part water to three parts bleach.
I bleached sections .. every other pizza slice. Be sure to get in creases and folds of the clothing. You'll notice results right away.

Step 4: Finnishherup

The longer it sits the lighter it gets. I liked the burnt orange color I got right away. I rinsed out the dress until the water ran clear then popped the beauty on a hanger to sun/wind dry.
Good luck and remember to have fun :) ??