Introduction: 123d Simple Baby Rattle Completely Safe

Hello, like my other instructable, this is a 123d design on how to make a simple baby rattle on a 3d printer. There are no small parts or choking hazards and it has special grips for baby's. you will need a 3-d printer to print this.

Step 1: Get the App

You will need to get the app to make this. It is available for free on the Apple App Store.

Step 2: Make the Bottom Half

To make the bottom half of this rattle you have to take a torus and place it in the center without changing any thing. You can color it any color you want.(note-different colors stimulate baby's minds and can help brain development). Next take the half of the sphere and place it so the torus runs halfway through it (see picture). Then color it. Lastly, add a pipe on the end.

Step 3: Make the Top Half

Take another pipe and put it to the side. Do the same exact thing you did to the right side except opposite. Remember not to stick them together!

Step 4: Make the Rattle

Print these two parts separately and add beans in to one of them. Take the two halves and hot glue them together with the beans inside. It should be so when you shake it it rattles. This is cheap to make and a useful baby toy. The toruses are little handles that fit to baby's hands. Enjoy!!!

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