Introduction: $2 Oversize Bag Sealer- Gripstic Inspired

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I have had issues in the past with clips when trying to close large dog food bags. It would always be misshapen to put in the pantry. I do not have space for a container, so i needed a solution to seal the bag in an easy to store manner. I saw a product called the gripstic, but needed one large enough for very large bag. Using materials from the dollar store, I was able to create one. It is very easy to make and use.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Toy golf club (dollar store)
Cat play wand (dollar store)

Step 2: Preparing Your Materials

Separate the shaft from the head of the toy golf club. Using the scissor, cut a line down the length of the shaft. The shaft should have a visible seam from where it was molded, use this as a guide to create a straight cut. Set aside.

Using the scissor, cut the end of the elastic from the cat play wand. Set aside.

Step 3: Assembling the Bag Sealer

Place the cat wand inside the cut toy golf club shaft. Using the screwdriver and screw, screw the cat wand in place. Screw into the closed end of the shaft. You can bring the cat wand out while you are screwing it in place. Continue until the inner wand is tightly in place. That's it!

The other side will have the opening with the wand tip.

Step 4: Using the Bag Sealer

To use, remove any excess air out of the bag. Fold over the open end. At the fold, place the open end of bag sealer. Place inside wand inside the fold, pull across and the bag will be sealed shut. To remove, pull in direction of closed end.

Simple and useful. Enjoy!