Introduction: 24.5760 Mhz Crystal Necklace With Rhinestones

Surplus electronic resonant crystals make great jewelry parts.

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Step 1: Parts, Tools, Form Loops

Typical jewelry making tools and supplies:

Crystal (white) Fireline

Swarovski Rhinestone elements

4mm crystals

Seed Beads

Lobster clasp

Split Rings

Jump Rings


E6000 glue

Big Eye needle (not necessary but very helpful)

Smooth jaw pliers


Round jewelry pliers to form loops

Toothpick to apply glue

Paper Plate to glue on


Form loops from wire leads on crystals.

Fold down 1 lead. Grab lead with flat (previously marked) plier and cut next to plier. Pick up round jawed plier and form loop. Repeat.

Check to see if the crystal will hang properly. Adjust if necessary.

Step 2: Glue Rhinestones

Glue rhinestones to crystals.

I use E6000 but you can use whatever works for you.

Step 3: String Parts

Cut fireline double the length you think you'll need and thread needle.

(I love my big eye needle, but you can use whatever you're comfortable with.)

Tie one end to jump/split ring and string the parts.

I used a 3mm silver plated bead next to the split ring, then the bicone, 2 seed beads, 1 leg of crystal, 3 seed beads, other leg of crystal, 2 seed beads, bicone, 2 seed beads, repeat. (see pics)

End by tying the fireline to the split/jump ring, glue knot.

Step 4: Add Chain and Findings

Add jump rings and chain to make the necklace the length you want.

I've added a chain necklace extension.

Crystals can be removed from necklace and used in electronic circuit if needed. ;)

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