Introduction: 3 Ingredients Sweet Dessert Boondi

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Everybody likes dessert..sweet is favourite to here i come with a really different kind of dessert called Boondi..


1.2 cups of pea-flour(it is also known as peaseflour)
2. 1cup of sugar syrup
3.soybean oil :
i.4 tea spoon for the mixture
ii.for deep frying

salt, baking powder(optional)

Step 1:

First of all you have to take strained pea flour..if your pea flour is not strained then you have to strain it though have to take 2 cups of pea flour.. then you have to take 1.5 cups of have to pour the water in the pea flour slowly and mix it have to notice that the mixture shouldn’t be so thick or too thin.

Step 2:

this step is really optional you can add pinch of salt and pinch of banking powder for better result..but this is completely ok if you Don't add them

Step 3:

then you have to add 4 tea spoons of soybean oil..and mix it properly.the consistency of the mixture you just like the picture..not so thick and not so can add food color if you want this dessert without color you will get yellow boondi

Step 4:

then you have to deep fry them properly..take oil in a frypan for deep frying.. you have to take a spoon as like te picture with have small holes..I don't know what does it call..i think it is called frying have to hold the spoon about 5/6 inch above the oil.. the oil should be in medium shouldn’t be too hot..then you have to take the mixture with another spoon akhn pour them in the hole will create small balls.just keep in in oil less than one minute.then take them out.

Step 5:

here it your fried boondi have to keep them for about 30 minutes for cooling.

Step 6:

the next step is to put them in sugar syrup..if you want to made sugar syrup at home you have to.take 2 cups of sugar and 1 cup of water and one tea spoon lemon juice and cook them in medium heat for about 10 minutes..before adding the fried Boondi make sure you sugar syrup is in medium have to put all of the boondis in the syrup..and then keep them for minimum 1 hours and maximum 3 hours so.that the boondis can soak the sugar syrup properly.

Step 7:

and your yummy Boondis are ready..