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Introduction: Rock Jewelry

About: hi.I'm from Banglades. I love to do crafty things a lot.

i have a lot of rocksat my house and i wanted to use them.again i always wanted to ware a rock earrings to look more aesthetic. so finally i made the earring. i have also made a finger ring.


2.small pieces of rock
4.silver wire

Step 1:

i have used card board for the base of the jewelry. i have taken 3 pieces of cardboard and cut them in round shape. the small two was for the earrings and the big ine was for finger ring..

Step 2:

then i took glue(i have used favicol) and join the stones there..thus step is really simple.

Step 3:

then i took silver wire and give them round shape according to the earrings and will be the outside border of the jewelr..

Step 4:

i have colored the wire with glittering purple color..because i will color the rocks light purple

Step 5:

i colored the stones light purple because purple is one of my favourite colors.

Step 6:

then i join the ring stick and the circle of the finger rock jewelry is done

Step 7:

i have also made a red one and add small stones as border instead of silver wire.

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