Introduction: 3D Illusion Dot Mandala Painting Without Using Stencils

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I tried this style of painting for the very first time. Hope you like my work and my tutorial :)

All steps cannot be explained in detail since there are lot of elements in Mandala painting. I have uploaded a detailed video in youtube which I have linked here.

If you're not very clear with the pictures feel free to hop on there to watch and learn this beautiful art.


Acrylic paints

Nail art stylus as dotting tools

Base surface such as canvas/mdf base


Fevicryl - Lemon yellow, golden yellow

Flash - Orange, Violet

Camlin - Permanent Light blue

Step 1: Prepping the Base and the Mandala Measurements

The centre design is 4cm in radius.

Total size of the painting 18*18 cm. Once X axis, Y axis and the diagonal lines are laid down mark 70 degree and 110 degree across all lines. Hopefully I conveyed correctly :P

The base color of the painting is Violet

Step 2: Center Design

The trick for 3d illusion is for every petal the centre dot should be larger in size. It should be placed in such a way that it is from increasing to decreasing size to the centre

Also I have partitioned the 4cm radius circle with 1cm again.

Once the flower is completed design three rows in white

Step 3: 1st & 2nd Band Designs

First dotting 2 rows of Blue dots

Then drawing petals shaped dot patterns and again lining with 2 rows of Blue dots.

I had made 2nd band to be thin with small petal swooshes

Step 4: Final Band & Corner Design

Here again I'm giving 2 petal designs with slight variation.

For the Corner I had mimicked the centre design

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Happy dotting