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Introduction: 3D Printed Dog Comb

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Hi all.

If your dog is anything like my dog, he sometimes likes to make snacks out of things that shouldn't be edible.

Well, my dog recently decided to eat his comb, so rather than buying another one, I decided to make a replacement myself. The result: the 3D Printed Dog Comb. This comb is made up of six 3D printed parts, and fifteen metal teeth.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Tools Needed:

- 3D printer with minimum build volume of 5.5 in X 2 in X 3 in (140 mm X 50 mm X 76 mm)

- Pliers (optional)

Materials Needed:

- Plastic printer filament

- 6d 2" long finishing nails

I printed all my parts in ABS, but you could also use PLA.

Step 2: Printing the Comb

Once you have the necessary tools and materials, you're ready to print. Download the STL files below and create the gcode with a CAM software. Here are the specifications I used to print my parts:

Infill: 35%

Shells: 2

Layer Height: 0.15 mm

You will need to print one copy of all the parts, except the pin, which you'll need three of.The comb's mainbody part has to be printed on its side and will require a small amount of support material. However, the handle-grip, end-cap, and pins can all be printed upright without support. I did print all the parts with rafts, but that's really just my own preference.

Step 3: Assembling the Handle

After you have printed all the pieces, start popping them together. First, insert two of the pins into the holes on the base of the handle. Then fit the end-cap over these pins and firmly press the two pieces together.

Step 4: Attaching the Comb's Mainbody

Attach the mainbody piece to the handle in the same way you attached the end-cap. Only this time insert the pin into the mainbody piece first, then insert that piece into the handle. The pin should snap into the hole at the bottom of the rectangular shaft in the handle.

Step 5: Inserting the Teeth

You will need 15 finishing nails to use as the comb's teeth. Simply insert these into their holes, and press them firmly into place. If you want, you can use a pair of pliers to cut the nails down a bit to create longer or shorter teeth as seen in the picture above.

Step 6: Enjoy!

There you go! You now have a fully-assembled, ready-to-use, 3D printed dog comb. Thanks for reading this instructables post, and have fun combing your dog.


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