3Doodled Pendant


Introduction: 3Doodled Pendant

Cute and simple way to make a 3Doodled pendant. With practice/the right materials, you can get a smoother and less textured look. I do like the texture as you could use it as a fidget.

Step 1: BoM

Pendant trays


3Doodler Filament


Step 2: Color 1

I traced the inside with the first color and built up the layers so the filament was the same height as the pendant tray.

Step 3: Color 2

When color 1 was the right height, I added color two and filled in the pendant tray. This was a little tricky as the filament didn't want to stay put.

Step 4: Glue

Use a plastic-friendly glue, like epoxy and glue the doodled design into your pendant tray. When it's dry, add your necklace cord and go!

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