Introduction: 5 Pocket Sized Toys for Little Kids (in Tinkercad)

Hi guys! Today I will tell you how to make 5 pocket sized toys for little kids. But these are not real and so I made it in Tinkercad. But you can make them for real. Let's start!!

Step 1: Rocket

The first toy is a toy rocket and it is for space- lovers. First take a polygon and drag it to the workplane. Then, take a pyramid and place it under the rocket in such a way that it looks like a support for the rocket. Then place a paraboloid shape and place it on top of the rocket. Your rocket is ready!!

Step 2: Spinner

the spinner is a game of balancing and for making that, take a cone and place it upside- down. then take a diamond shape and place it on top of it. Your spinner is ready!!

Step 3: Play Box

Play box is a toy which consists of a ball and a transparent box. Babies love the sound it makes. To make that, take a sphere and drag it to the workplane. Take a transparent box and cover. Your play box is ready!!

Step 4: The Rolling Wheel

This next one is also a balance game. It is about the pressure you will give it the more time it will roll and it has to balanced. For making that, take a ring shape and rotate it like a hamster wheel and place a tube shape inside it in horizontal way. Your Rolling Wheel is ready!!

Step 5: The Flip Lander

This is same like bottle flip and I like it as it is also about balancing. For making this, drag a small, flat cube and place it on the workplane then place a Icosahedron on top of it. Your flip lander is ready!!

Step 6: Final Toys

These are my final toys. Hope my steps are understandable and you guys like it.

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