Introduction: A Collection of Knex Gun Reviews

Ever wanted to build a gun but want to know about it first? Look here first! It is a collection of as many reviews of knex guns that I could find! I take no credit for any of the reviews except the blazer.

If you don't have allsteps on, there are pictures of what guns will be reviewed below.

Note to all collaborators:  Please edit all reviews for grammar and spelling so that they are easier to read.  DO NOT change the ratings at all. Also add the name of whoever wrote the review.

Step 1: Xenon XR-18 Assualt Rifle

Durability of the parts:
Handle: 9/10
Stock: 8/10
Front Handle: 8/10
Secondary Pistol: 8/10
Trigger: 7/10
Overall: 8/10

Handle: 8/10
Stock: 7/10
Front Handle: 9/10
Secondary Pistol: 8/10
Trigger: 7.5/10
Overall: 7.9/10

Reliability: 10/10
Accuracy: 9/10
Range: 9/10
Overall: 9.3/10

Overall Gun: 8.4/10

This is one heck of a gun to handle with the secondary pistol as a nice touch.
Great fun shooting, and nonetheless, cool looking!
This is one you'll have to build if you like knex guns!
The ideal gun for sniping fun!
See ya!


Step 2: DD-27 Compact AST

Hey guys! Today I'm going to review a gun called the DD-27 compact AST rifle by dsman195276.
Before I start, sorry if I hurt anyone's feeling's or say the opposite of your opinion.
I'm going to review in sections. So be aware of what part I'm reviewing.

The handle by perfect duck is amazing and it fits well with the rest of the gun.
Though the front grip could be improved.

Magnificent range. And the gun is a firing pin type gun!

Very accurate, but at around 20 feet it isn't that accurate.

One of the main things that makes knex guns actually shine is the power. On this gun, Dsman is not lying when he says strongest to date firing pin type gun! Great power. It even made me bleed!

Body/weight balance--3.9
Body is fine, but the heavy front end of the barrel is annoying.

The trigger is too fragile. If you pull it too hard, it snaps.

Overall this gun is pretty good. You have the range, power, true trigger, and accuracy all put together to make a beautifully crafted gun. Great job Dsman195276!

Review by Ratchet and Clank. Gun by Dsman195276
Hope you enjoyed this review! I think this will help some people tom decide weather or not to build this gun.

Step 3: Auto-Loading 10 Shot Rifle

Hey guys! Today, I'm going to be reviewing a 10 shot, auto-loading rifle by Bannana Inventor. Some notes before I start.

-All credit goes to the builder, not me.
-I'm rating on a 1 to 5 scale.
-I review guns by request.(the dragonuv is up next)
Ok. Now that you have that. I'll start the review.

The handle could have been a little slimmer. Plus there isn't really a good front grip-type-thing.(Yes. I had no word for that situation.)

Pretty good, especially for its size, and the fact that it is a magazine-fed gun. I got mine about 35 feet.

One word- Pinpoint.

It's power is restricted, since the bullet is so light. But for the bullet, it has some power.

Body/weight balance-5.0***
Great balance throughout the gun. The body isn't flimsy. Stock is comfortable. But on a note, which was stated by The Jamalam, it was made by him and used on his storm guns. Credit goes to him. And now one word. AWESOMENESS!!!

Since the magazine uses blue 3-d connectors, you have that millimeter sized jut on the inside of the magazine. So, the magazine sometimes jams, but you only have to push up slightly on the magazine ram.

Overall, great rifle. Auto-loading is a good feature, and a true trigger pleases a lot of k'nexers.
Take those, and you get a gun like this. One of Bannana Inventor's best.

Review by Ratchet and Clank. Gun by Bannana Inventor
Thanks for reading this review! I hope you enjoyed it! Good luck building this, becouse this rifle is a must in your arsenal.

Step 4: ZKAR

I changed my band placement for the trigger, and now it rocks. NEW REVIEW:

Body strength: 8
Handle: 8
Stock: 8.5
Bullet lock: 9

Overall: 8.375

Range: 8.5
Reliability: 8
Capacity: 8
Trigger: 8.5
Overall: 8.25

Overall: 8.31

I like this gun a lot. It gets good range and is almost 100% reliable. Keep up the good work Zak.

Step 5: Review on Knexsnipers Pistol

Here is a review of knexsnipers pistol

The Basics:
handle: 6/10 why? Its comfy but it my not fit your hand
trigger: 5/10 why? new design (sorta) but sometimes doesnt let the ram threw when you have pulled the trigger
magazine 7/10 why? its a good magazine but only holds 4 rods.
body: 7/10 why? its strong and sturdy but could use with filling a bit.

looks: 7/10 why? looks sort of real but could do with fill a little.
ram: 9/10 why? it doesnt stick out of the back which is good.
accuracy: 9/10 why? because where ever i aimed i got very close but i was oly shooting from 5ft away in my room
range: 8/10 why? again i was only in my room so this is just a guess.

overall: 7/10 why? fun to play with but it did jam occasinally. Also it was very easy to build.

Step 6: Review of "cowscankill" Silent Pistol

guy i give all credit to "cowscankill" as this is his gun (exept for the mod) it is a great gun and i had lots of fun with it!! check his instructables out for this gun an see for yourself!

Step 7: Knex Sniper With New Firing System

I made one review myself too on T-paks Sniper With New Firing System:

Review of Knex Sniper With New Firing System

Made by T-Pak, reviewed by TigerNod

Durability of the parts:
Handle: 2\10
Stock: 6/10
Barrel: 4/10
Trigger: 2/10
Overall: 4/10

Handle: 3/10
Stock: 6/10
Barrel: 5/10
Trigger: 2/10
Overall: 5/10

Reliability: 10/10
Accuracy: 4/10
Range\power: 8/10
Reload: 7/10
Overall: 7/10

Other stuff:
Building time\piece count: 9/10
Feeling: 7/10
Other extras: none.

Overall Gun: 6/10

I will not be too harsh because this was the first slingshot ever made.
-Very satisfying ranges if you never touched a slingshot before.
-Reloads pretty fast for a slingshot.
-Never jams!
-Uses very little pieces.
-Recommend for beginners.

-Because it fires in a arc the accuracy is bad.
-Very fragile
-Horrible looks
-There are so many things better then this.

Step 8: WW2 Springfield: Review

Here is the review for the WW2 Springfield by Knexstealth.

What to expect:
Innovation: 7/10 There are not too many new things but it's a great gun.
Strength: 9 /10 The gun is strong over all the connection where the stock meets the barrel is a bit iffy.
Range: 9/10 I got a range of 135 feet
Looks: 10/10 This is by far the most realistic model on the website.
Parts: 710 It uses a lot of yellow connectors and orange connectors. More then most have.
Handle: 9/10 It's small but very realistic.
Stock: 9/10 Nice and sturdy. Almost an exact replica.
Barrel: 8/10 It's just a normal sling shot barrel but it works.
Trigger: 9/10 I have never seen it before but I guess it came from katarukito.

At the end: I would give the gun 9/10.
Here is the link to the gun.
Thanks for reading

Step 9: DGM's Blazer Sniper Rifle

DGM's Blazer Sniper Rifle
Spam I am reviewing Darth Gecko Man's latest sniper!

What to expect:
Strength: 8/10 Why: Small chance it will break.
Range: 7/10 Why: Too effected by wind with the original bullet
Looks: 8/10 Why: Looks good. It is nice and small.

Handle: 5/10 Why: Way too small. Cant fit my hand
Stock: 0/10 Why: No Stock!!!!
Barrel: 0/10 Why: No Barrel!
Fake barrel: 8/10 Why: Works easily and look good
Bipod: 0/10 Why: No bipod!!!

In the end:
Erganomics are not too good. Feels too small. BUT in a knex war it would be good not as a sniper but as a secondary weapon.

The trigger system cant hold too much pressure but for a medium range weapon it is good. The gun is very overrated.

Creator: Darth Gecko Man

Gun: Blazer v1 Sniper Rifle

Step 10: Big Powerful Knex Crossbow

Big Powerful Knex Crossbow Review
Made by Wicky.

Alight. Here it is.
1 - Power/Range 8/10 Great power, the ammo goes nowhere near straight though.
2 - Accuracy 8/10 Very good, but once again the ammo doesn't help.
3 - Looks 8/10 I think it looks fine, but it could have been better.
4 - Ease of use (reloading and firing) 10/10 Easy as pie. What else can I say? Just grab the ammo, put it on the elastics pull back and release. I can do about fire about 3 every 2 seconds.
5 - Reliability (does it jam?) 9/10 It never "Jams", but on rare occasions the elastic can catch the ammo and fling it backwards.
6 - Size Efficiency 9/10 Uses very few pieces that are not needed. Barrel is piece efficient too.

Overall: Awesome. Great power, very rapid firing and quite accurate, makes this gun a must. Perfect for wars (could be a tadbit smaller, come to think of it).

Thats it! Thanks for viewing.


Step 11: Customizable Dragonfly Assault Crossbow

What to expect:
Innovation: 9/10 I think shaping the bow in a y form was innovative and added more power with a shorter arm.
Strength: 7/10 the arm is kind of weak. But the overall thing is good.
Range: 9/10 shot very far and is powerful but not that accurate. It broke a red connector and two gray clips
Looks: 8/10 has a unique look but I like it.
Parts: 8/10 fairly low on parts but uses more whites than most have.
Handle: 7/10 not that comfortable but again unique
Stock: 9/10 nice and sturdy. I like it.
Barrel: 8/10 the barrel is kind of flimsy but okay.

At the end: I would give the gun 9/10.
Here is the link to the gun.
Thanks for reading.

Step 12: CS2 Knex Shotgun

this is a review of the compact shotgun 2 by oblitivius link:
8/10 great range 60 feet!
handle 10/10 all the comfort you could ask for!
innovative level 10/10 new design.
Trigger 8/10 some times brakes.
power 7/10 great power
overall 9.5/10
any knexer that has the time should build this!

Step 13: Z35 Knex Assault Rifle

Here is the review for the Z35 K'nex Assault Rifle by Oblivitus.

What to expect:
Innovation: 9/10 Very innovative loading system. It also has a new trigger system.
Strength: 9/10 Very strong. The one weak part is the handle, the connection to the body is weak.
Range: 8/10 The range is good for a mag gun, about 40-45 feet.
Looks: 9/10 One of the better looking guns on this site. The one thing that could make it look better is using less blue rods.
Parts: 9/10 Uses quite a few parts, But it's worth it.
Handle: 7/10 The handle is good but the connection is weak.
Stock: 9/10 very sturdy
Barrel: 10/10 Innovative slide mech. Trigger is very innovative as well.
Magazine: 9/10 New and doesn't use cut parts.

Bipod:8/10 not the best but it holds up the gun.

At the end: I would give the gun 9/10.

Here is the link to the gun.
Thanks for reading.

Step 14: Project Nine - RX Crossbow

This review will be done in the little known Banana scale
1 B(Banana)=1*
2 B=1.5*
and so on

looks: 7B
ease of loading:3B
piece efficiency:8B
RB efficiency:10B
overall:7B= 4*
comments: it didn't go very far for me so thats why that got a lower rating
it was HARD to load this because the rbs kept flying off the rod
otherwise, Great gun!

Step 15: The Sipriani Rifle V2

Creator: Viccie.B.1993

Area Overviews:

Comfort: 10/10
Range: 10/10 (well over 100ft)
Power: 10/10 (can pierce 2 sheets of card from 35ft.
Gun Strength: 9/10 (highly unlikely to break)

Gun Overview:

Stock: 10/10
Handle: 9/10
Barrel: 10/10
Trigger: 10/10

Comments: Outstanding. this gun is incredibly powerful and looks great, the stock is extremely comfortable, looks good and fits snugly in your armpit. the gun can handle an immense amount of power without snapping (this being the revised v2.0), and deliver the bullet straight with only a little drop in height. it is extremely accurate.

This gun should be built by anyone looking for a reliable, absolutely awesome knex creation!

Step 16: Sipriani Rifle V3.0 Review

Hey there! This is my review of the Sipriani Rifle V3.0 (FT210).

First, lets start with physical appearance.

Strength - 8.0. Pretty sturdy.
Stock - 8.0. This stock is good, but personally I like the V2's stock better.
Handle - 8.0 Pretty good handle, the blue rods dig into your hand though.
Scope - 8.0. Nothing new, but it gives you an idea of where the bullet's going.

Overall, 8.0

Now, for performance.

Range - 10.0. This things shoots far. With wings, even farther.
Accuracy - 9.0 The long barrel makes it very accurate. Even more with wings
Ease of firing - 6.0 It's pretty hard to load this, to be honest. You have to pull back the rubber bands a very long distance, have to clip off half the scope, then put the bullet on. By the way - I was using 2 #64 rubber bands.
Fun to shoot with - 9.0 Defiantly one of my most favorite guns I've ever built.

Overall - 8.5

Final Score - 8.3
Man, I feel like I underrated this. This is a very good gun. I would recommend this to anyone.

If my calculations are incorrect, please correct me!
Thanks for reading this review!

- Owen-mon-82397

Step 17: Oodassault Pistol V3.3 Review

Oodassault pistol V3.3 review
Ok, TD wanted me to do a review, here it is.

Handle: 9
Very sturdy, 5 layers.

Main body: 9
Very sturdy, 5 layers.

Magazine: 7
It holds together, but you could break it off fairly easily.


Handle: 9.5
Very comfy. For me that is. Don't argue with me about it, everyone's different.


Range: 8.5
Pretty good with two used #64's. Around 45 ft. flat, 55 ft. 45'd.

Magazine capacity: 9.5
Just about the highest you'll get in a pistol.

Reliability: 7
Sorry, but if you don't put your hand in front of the magazine, it almost always breaks the tan rod off. Other than that, it always works.

Trigger: 9
Very nice. Never breaks, simple, holds a lot of pressure.


In the end, I'd give it about a 9. Give or take a few decimals.
Nice job TD, I'll look forward to future projects by you.

Step 18: Knex UMP-45

This gun has found its way into the favorites of many members. This review should answer the question: Should I build it?


Power: 10 out of 10 Why? It went through paper at 5 feet, got stuck in cardboard at about 5.
Looks: 9 out of 10 Why? Looks EXACTLY like a UMP-45. Well, with the wire stock, it does.
Ergonomics: 7.5 out of 10 Why? Feels...odd to hold.
Innovative...ness: 9 out of 10 Why? Pretty much everything is new, but...y'know.
Accuracy/Sights: 8.5 out of 10 Why? New sights! They...are...awesome. But, the 'bullet' veers. Oh, WELL.
Magazine: 8.7 out of 10 Why? Well, it's good for the most part. Never ever jams. But if you press directly in on the mag switch(the white rod) it messes it all up. So you have to push down and in. It's also not a very good connection; a few bumps will break it off, turning the magazine into a shotgun shell, loaded with gray shot.
NEW! Rail system: 7.5 out of 10 Why? The connections go AROUND the connectors, not in them. So that makes it kinda flimsy.
Piece consumption: 7.5 out of 10 Why? This doesn't use TOO too(I meant to have 2 toos) many of your pieces, but you might not be able to build anything too big for a little while.
Stocks:(We'll examine BOTH stocks.) WIRE STOCK: 9 out of 10 Why? Looks better, but kinda flimsy. Not REALLY, though. FULL STOCK: 9.5 out of 10 Why? Sacrifices looks for strength.
"Toy" parts(the charging handle was the only one I could really find)7 out of 10 Why? So...FUN!! to just slide back and forth. Pointless, but cool to have. Like a laser cannon.
War Weapon: 9.5 out of 10 Why? Let's just say it'll have 'em beat. If they've already built this, they'll probably run out of sheer terror like bunnies. (?)

Overall: 9.3 out of 10. Why? Do you really need a Why? for this?

Great gun. I recommend it to any H&K(drools) fans, or if you just want something cool.
TheDunkis scores again

Step 19: TBAP(Thunder Bolt Assault Pistol

I give full credit to this guy: Killer~SafeCracker and his awesome pistol. Visit here to see it :
Power 8/10 pretty good
Innovation:7/10 awesome but it does look like a copy
Comfort:5/10 I had to mod the comfort because of the handle.
Mag 10/10 20 shots omg
Smoothness:8/10 Pretty Good

Step 20: TBOS (Thunder Bolt Oodammo Sidearm)

Here is the review of the TBOS by Killer~SafeCracker. Review by NYPA

Step 21: (T.B.A.R) Review

Well I decided I'd have a shot at building it and I made a review.Scale of 1-10

Durability of Parts



Power(Mag gun):9




Part use:5
Slingshot trigger:8

Overall: this is a great gun and anyone with a lot of pieces that can build it....BUILD IT!


Step 22: FX-9 Crossbow V2.5

This is Killer~SafeCrackers FX-9 Crossbow V2.5 review.

comfort: 9/10 - comfy handle with 3 foregrips.
power: 10/10 - since its a crossbow its very powerfull.
looks: 7/10 - it looks ok... could be better tho.
innovation: 9/10 - new trigger and 3 foregrips.
accuracy: 8/10 - its got a good bit of accuracy.
piece usage: 8/10 - it doesnt use lots of pieces.
strenght: 8/10 - its quite stong, but the bow could be improved.
reliabilty: 9/10 - good trigger, means great reliabilty.

overall: 68/80 - great crossbow from Killer~SafeCracker. Its worth building!

Step 23: TBUAR Review

This is Kller~SafeCrackers T.B.U.A.R review.

comfort: 8/10 - comfy handle, but it could have a stock.
power: 8/10 - its quite powerful.
looks: 7/10 - it looks ok, it could be better tho.
innovation: 9/10 - its small and copact and has a scope.
accuracy: 7/10 - ok accuracy.
piece usage: 8/10 - it doesnt use much pieces.
stenght: 10/10 - very sturdy.
reliabilty: 9/10 - bullet always leaves the barrel and a great trigger.

overall: 66/80 - good gun from killer~safecracker. Its worth a build!

Step 24: E.A.P Review

So i recently built the E.A.P by Killer~SafeCracker. It's...

Reliability-10/10-Never jammed. Never. Trigger always locks. Always. Never breaks. Never.

Looks 8/10-I could stare at this all day.

Comfort. 8/10-Some bad points but, IT HAS BLACK WHEELS!

Strength 10/10-Never breaks. Never.

Mag capacity 8/10-17, not bad.

Range 7/10-2 #64s = 40 ft flat, 70 ft angled.

Power 9/10-Paper=dead.

Overall it's ( no really, i did the math) is 8.57143. Or, for you lazy people, 9. So I recommend it!
Here is the link.

Step 25: K'nexsayer.

Well, I built the knexsayer a few minutes ago, and I realized there were no proper reviews on it.  So I made my own.

Stock: 9/10  Pretty strong, but still not enough to hold the gun up when I hold it there by itself
Handle: 9/10 Very comfortable and strong.
Body: 9/10: The individual panels are flimsy, but together, It's a literal brick
Pump: 7/10: Eh, it FEELS a bit flimsy in my opinion on the rails, but its still enough to work, and in reality, it's decently sturdy.  As for the pump itself, nice work.
Barrel: 9/10: Very strong, but front heavy and may be difficult to construct for a newcomer (not really difficult for me)
Turret: 8/10: Its really cool and all, but the only connection it has to the barrel seems flimsy.
Looks: 10/10: I like the look of it a lot

Overall: 8.8/10

Range: 9/10: Gets 55-60 feet with 3 #64 bands
Power: 9/10: Pierces cardboard at point blank
Reliability: 9/10: The pin guide breaks every time I pull the pump back.  I need a fix for it.  EDIT: Problem solved, I bumped it back up 3 points because it works now.
Innovation: 10/10: New trigger, New rotation mech, and pump action, all in a gun that performs very well.

Overall: 9.3/10


Now even though this is a good gun, I still may have some gripes that were unrelated to what I scored on.  In this case, I have 1.  It is very difficult to put rubberbands on the gun or take them off.  But I still love it.

Good night everybody.  And yes Knex_lover, I still have quite a bit of knex left over.  TD, if you wonder why I rated everything so high, it is because it deserves those high ratings, and I had little to complain about.

Step 26: Longbow SR-L Crossbow

Creator: DJ Radio


Comfort: 9/10
Range: 8/10 (50ft)
Power: 9/10 (i can get it through 3 sheets of paper)
Gun Strength: 6/10 (may break with too many bands)

Gun Overview:

Stock: 7/10
Handle: 9/10
Barrel: 8/10
Trigger: 9/10

Comments: a pretty cool crossbow. it fires well but may misfire sometimes. the bow does bend quite a lot so dont make unless you dont mind bending a few rods. the trigger is reliable and the handle s pretty comfy. the stock is comfortable but doesnt look the best.

Verdict: the body could do with a kool looking frame and filled in stock etc. a new bow that doesnt bend could do no harm. but overall a pretty good crossbow!

Step 27: AR-4 Commando V2

Ok, lets have a look at the latest creation of DJ Radio!
The Ar-4 Commando V2!

What to expect:
Strength: 8/10 Why: Small chance it will break.
Range: 8/10 Why: Very good range.
Looks: 9,5/10 Why: It looks great and very realistic!

Handle: 8/10 Why: Just because it rules comfyness (new word)!
Stock: 7,5/10 Why: A bit on the bulky side.
Barrel: 7/10 Why: sometimes jams because of the tan design.
Fake barrel: 8/10 Why: Just because it rules!
Bipod: 7/10 Why: It's only for show.
Add-ons: 9/10 Why: Bi-pod + Expandable mag = Just Awesome!

In the end:
The Ar-4 commando V2 is great fun and a must build for any knex gun enthusiast!
The range is pretty high and the stock is very comfy.

To round it up: Just Awesome!

Creator: DJ Radio

Gun: Ar-4 Commando V2

Reviewer: Viccie.B1993

Step 28: SR Commado V1

i got around to trying out one of DJ Radio's guns
so i tried the SR commando v1

What to expect:
Strength:9/10very strong (but there are weak parts) but mostly strong
Range:8/10 good sive and ok range i get 20 ft with ease
Looks:9/10I think it looks very weird (but yet awesome) and also kinda looks like a future wepon

Parts:7/10 like most of his guns are pretty low piece
Handle: 7/10 the real handle is kinda small (but i use it more as a grip)
Stock:8/10 very sturdy and strong(rock solid)
Barrel:8/10 a decent barrel but it can only take sow much power
Fake barrel:9/10 very sturdy and good size

add ons
Bipod:7/10 not the best (but he made a low piece bipod )
scope:6/10 you really can use the scope

In the end:fatamizama morguiam!=(totally awesome)

To finish it up: a very good gun and i would recommed it to every body

thank you for reading my first review knex sbf(and also thanks to DJ Radio)
(i would give you a link but my pc wont let me)

Step 29: Jackal V2 Review

I got around to trying out another one of DJ Radio's guns
so I tried the Jackal v2

What to expect:
Range:5/10 (15-30ft)

Parts:8/10 like most of his guns are pretty low piece
Handle: 7/10 again kinda small
Barrel:6/10 I had some trouble with the barrel(all the ammo would come out but its fixed)

mag: 6/10
sight thingy:5/10
bottom rail:5/10

In the end:pretty good (has goods and bads)

To finish it up: a good gun and i would recomed it to most people

thank you for reading my second review
knexsbf(knexsuperbulderfreak)(and also thanks to DJ Radio)

pic: Jackal v2 (updated)

Reviewer- Knexsuperbuilderfreak

Step 30: AR-4 Commando V3

NOTE: This rating was based on an older version. There have been lots of mods made since this review.

Here is the review for the AR-4 Commando v3 by DJ Radio.

What to expect:
Innovation: 10/10 Very innovative new rail system, and loading design.
Strength: 9/10 He did a very good job of making it strong with the amount of pieces used.
Range: 7/10 It is not much better than any other ram rod. But I got an average of about 20 feet.
Looks: 8/10 I think it looks ok. It is by far his best looking gun.
Parts: 9/10 uses about 1000 pieces. So I would call it low piece.
Handle: 7/10 the handle is a little too small for me but it might work for others.
Stock: 9/10 very sturdy
Barrel: 8/10 Innovative. and it has a low friction barrel.
Fake barrel: 7/10 bullets get stuck occasionally.
Magazine: 7/10 new and innovative but jams occasionally

Bipod:8/10 not the best but it holds up the gun.
scope:8/10 It works good.

At the end: I would give the gun 8/10.
Here is the link to the gun.
Thanks for reading.

Step 31: Knex OSSR

Here is the review for the OSSR ( Oodammo Slingshot Sniper Rifle ) by DJ Radio.

What to expect:
Innovation: 7/10 I think There isn't really anything to innovative but it's the first official Oodammo slingshot.
Strength: 9 /10 the gun seems strong there are not any major weak spots.
Range: 8/10 shot a good 90 feet
Looks: 9/10 I really like the looks
Parts: 8/10 it has a good part to range ratio
Handle: 6/10 the handle is a bit small and not that comfortable
Stock: 9/10 nice and sturdy. I like it.
Barrel: 8/10 the barrel is strong and sturdy.

At the end: I would give the gun 8/10.

Reviewer- Killer~SafeCracker.

Step 32:

this is DJ Radios knex OMEN XR review.

comfort: 10/10 - very comfortable handle with two optional fore grips.
power: 8/10 - quite powerful due to single shot.
looks: 7/10 - looks impressive. stock could be better tho.
innovation: 9/10 - new ammo holder and it has two foregrips.
accuracy: 8/10 - its quite accurate, but the rod may spin in the air.
piece usage: 8/10 - it doesn't use much pieces.
strength: 9/10 - with the parts he used, its quite strong.
reliability: 10/10 - no mag means no jams. single shot never jams.

overall: 69/80 - great gun from dj radio. its worth building!

Step 33: Jackal V4 Review (by Knex Gun Builder)

this is DJ Radios jackal v4 review.

comfort: 10/10 - very comfortable.
power: 9/10 - quite powerful.
looks: 9/10 - looks fantastic.
innovation: 9/10 - new trigger and is just a great gun.
accuracy: 8/10 - oodammo is very accurate.
piece usage: 8/10 - doesnt use a lot of pieces.
strenght: 9/10 - very strong.
reliability: 9/10 - never jams and a great trigger.

overall: 71/80 - outstanding gun from DJ Radio, seriously, build it!

Step 34: KNeXFreeK's Freeslinger

knexfreaks freeslinger, review by Visper123
Okay, here are the stats.
Power/Range 7/10 its not that powerful but if you use a large band you could maybe use it as short medium ranged weapon
Comfort 5/10 average handle, average body, the mag is sweet and so is the pump, but all else is just average.
Innovation. 10/10 Kev did a very good job at taking the slow loading slingshots and made them rapid fire with a pump and mag. very well done.
Reliability 9/10 this jammed once, when I didn't have a strong band on the mag pusher and it only pushed it halfway down.  make sure you have a strong mag pushing band and it should never jam.
Trigger 10/10. It can hold roughly a HUNDRED bands. it never ever broke on me.
Mag. 7/10 its small, but it holds the bullets in dead straight, and as far as I know it is new.
ROF 10/10. can fire as fast as you can pump. only thing is the small mag. (can be extended though)
User Friendlyness 9/10. its a simple case of pumping and pulling the trigger. it didn't get ten because when you have to load the bullets in the top. (imagine yourself shivering with adrenaline. it would get difficult wouldn't it?)
strenght 6/10 the pump isn't attached to rails, and the mag could easily snap off the top. sometimes the mag can twist a bit, and the bullets will come out 'sideways'.
Acuracy. 8/10. since the mag is connected from two rods, if the rods bend a bit, then you lose all accuracy, but that rarely happens.
which means its very good. its a very fun gun, and as a short range primary it would be perfect.

Step 35: Knex MP5K Review.

this is shadowninja31s MP5K, reviewed by knex gun builder.

comfort:6/10 - its quite uncomfortable at the back of the handle, but the grip is fine.
power: 8/10 - for close range, its got alot of power.
looks: 10/10 - probably one of the best replicas ive seen.
innovation: 8/10 - nothing new, its got removable magazines and other features.
accuracy: 9/10 - its very accurate at close range.
piece usage: 8/10 - not to much pieces.
strenght: 9/10 - very sturdy, the magazine is the only weak point if dropped or hit.
reliability: 9/10 - nearly every time the bullet leaves the barrel, if you use a tight rubber band on the magazine pusher all the shots will leave the barrel. also, if the band is too tight on the trigger the rod mag snap off every like 100 shots, just replace it.

overall: 67/80 - if you want a great replica with power, make this!


Step 36: IAC's Heavy Knex Crossbow Review!!

Well here is a review of the cannon so that you know YOU NEED TO BUILD IT. Well here is a video . Next comes the review.


range: 8/10 75 feet not angled about 90 angled a little.
ROF: 5/10 The rate is good for a cannon like thing but for every shot I would say about 7 seconds or less with a lot of practice
Reload time: 6/10 about 15 seconds


Handle: 7/10 good for a cannon but there are better
Stock: 8/10 Its a good stock it supportive but not extremely comfortable
Second hand placement: 6/10 I feel like my hand is stretched to far when I put it at the way front of the gun and when I put it on the barrel it bends


Looks: 9/10 well its big so already its amazing and in my opinion it looks pretty good
Barrel strength: 8/10 the barrel is really strong for rubberbands but it bends vertically
Handle attachment: 10/10 I can lift the gun with only the handle and it is very heavy
Bipod: 7/10 Strong but not portable as said by Mr.Muggle
Bow: 9/10 Very strong period

Overall this gun is like 9/10. That is off my opinion not by calculation

Well I'm done so now you need to go build it.

Step 37: Not a Rectangle Review.

This is a review of oodalumps's "not a rectangle" with bakenbitz's stock. One hasn't been done yet so I (DJ Radio) will do one now.

Stock: 9/10 Bakenbitz's stock is strong, but the individual walls are still somewhat flimsy. Nothing blue rods can't remedy though.
Handle: 8/10 Comfortable and sturdy but the trigger guard kinda takes away from it in my opinion.
Barrel: 8/10 Innovative and sturdy, but extremely hard to build. My hands didn't hurt too bad though.
looks: 8/10. Looks simple, but still looks great IMO

Range: 10/10 160 feet flat with 6 #64's.
Power: 10/10 There's a few boxes that no knex gun has shot through before, this gun shot all the way through. There was even a box with another box behind it, it shot all the way through BOTH of them, fins and everything
Accuracy: 10/10 I made a custom ironsight for it (very accurate) and my friend shot clean through the center of a cheez-it from 20 feet. I'm serious, straight through the tiny black hole in the middle.
ROF: 5/10. It's a single-shot, so you have to manually reload it. Also the fact that you have to pull back a bunch of bands at once for the best reload times slows you down somewhat.
Innovation: 9/10 The concept of a balljoint at the front taking the impact of the pin instead of the back of the gun is a great concept, but I hate that that's all there is to it.

Final word: I was very impressed with the performance of the gun. It's the most powerful gun I have ever built. I recommend it to anyone looking for a single shot.

Final score: 9/10

Step 38: KNexFreek's Desperodo Review

hi knexfreak 95 here doing a review on Desperado by knexfreek

strength 10/10
barrel 9/10
handle 8/10
ram and pull thingy 10/10
power 10/10
mag 8/10
part usage friendly 8/10 (can chew up alot of y connectors

overall 63/70 a very very good gun its a must have for any knex war

Step 39: Jollex' DASH Knex Slingshot

Jollex made a new free-flying slingshot, which was capable of shooting oodammo, and cannon ammo (yellow rod with a red con on the business end), and the trigger held the bullet, not the bands. I hadn't made many of them before so I decided to give it a 'shot'(:D).
 strenght:10/10, it has a very good crossing pattern through the whole body, that makes it extremely strong.
 comfort: 7/10, the stock could have been much better, although it doesn't take away from the overall comfort, it could have been a lot comfier. The handle gets 5 of those points though, because he did a good job going out of his way to make it even comfier.
 Locking mech strength: 10/10, could hold 15 64#s and then some, and you only need 3.
 Overall mech: 10/10, purely the fact that it was a sliding trigger could have got that, but, its a sear, and I don't really count sears as sliding triggers, but this goes even further and puts a semi ratchet at the back of the sear, which was bloody brilliant, so it deserves it.
 Bullet force:10/10, oodammo can punch through the cardboard like a blue rod punches through paper, and cannon ammo is even more powerful than oodammo.
 Range:12/10, well if 90 feet got 9/10, then you can see how powerful this is (slanted of course).
 Strength: 9/10, it bends (using black rods) a bit with 3 #64s, but the way the bands are put on is really good, so you don't need to unhook anything, and there is not many places to get the bands tangled up in.
 Reloading ease: 10/10, its really easy to get the bands to cock back, and its not hard on your fingers at all.
  F4A attack: 1/5, running in with this singleshot is the worst thing you can do period.
  F4A defence: 3/5, you better have a good sidearm, because if you miss... and you need a good base aswell.
  Team attack: 3/5 as long as you have someone further up then you who you can support, but don't be the one to run in headfirst. Its silent aswell, and I know a lot of people like to think they are stealthy, but truth is most of you ain't. So you have to be good.
  Team defense: 5/5, finally the area it shines on. Huge range, silent, hole up in a tree somewhere with a few splodies, the Dash, and some cookies. Perfect for picking off enemy scouts and anyone who tries to get further.

-------OVERALL: 90000000000/10000000000. Or, 9/10, or 9 tenths, or 4.5/5.