Introduction: A Cute DIY Owl Plush Toy-Easy

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So hi today I'm making a Owl plush toy that's DIY and real cute Glue is Needed this is also gluing is also a main part it's only not Stitching

Step 1: What Do We Need

We need a kit called Sew cute Stuffed Owl kit I bought mine from Joaans it is available on art stores and fabric stores

Kit Includes:

A owl shaped baby pink felt-Pictured
A owl shaped Hot pink felt-Pictured
A flowery felt shaped like a Leave for the owls belly-Pictured
Jewels and sequences:Pictured
Green fabric for its eyes:Pictured
White Fabric for its eye balls
A orange Fabric for its Nose

Step 2: Step 1

Start with the hot pink owl,that's Owl one and Baby pink is two grab your glue but before that you see the holes in the belly party.which are used for stitching that take all the holes out so you can see through the holes and they are ready to stitch then glue the belly like pic 1 glue the non hole part up because we need to stitch

Step 3: Stitching

Fold the yarn one inch and push it in the make a knot at to end like you do when you cross stitch and you can do it like this push the yarn in no folding the take a inch and push it and tie a knot at the end like pic 1

Step 4: Stitching 2

Now push holes for the hot pink owl and the Baby pink owl

Step 5: Stitching 3

now stitch the front and back together leaving a hole for the filling

Step 6: Filling

Fill it if you want to make it soft put extra and if not so make less

Step 7: Filling 2

Sew the part where you just filled the filling

Step 8: Almost Done

When you are done attach the green piece as it eyes glue it then glue the white ones and the black ones and then the gems

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