A Wind Chime

Introduction: A Wind Chime

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Step 1: I Have Made a Wind Chime Using Old Plactic Bootle and Spoons

things u requiered are;

1. 6 spoons

2. plastic bottle

3. cello tape

4. yarn

5. hole puncher

6. cutter/ compas

steps are :

take a plastic bottle cut it its lower part and keep upper part of bottle, remove lower part. punch six holes at the bottom of bottle should be same distance . take six spoons take a little yarn or wool thread and make a knot at upper side of the spoon secure it with cello tape do with all spoons then the holes u have punched through that hole tie the spoon with the bottle do the same with all the spoons ,open the cap of bootle throug that inseart a loop made of wool thread and close the capso it wil be stick to it

YOUR WIND CHIME IS READY (colour or decorate if you want)

Step 2: Wind Chime

u can tell me what type of things u like i will try doing that

Step 3: Hang This on Top

u can also use old folks , knifs

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