Academic Challenge: Elementary Art



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    Academic Challenge:Elementary Art

    Big thanks to everyone who entered the Elementary Art Academic Challenge. These are projects and guides that will help teachers help their students show their creativity with simple artwork. The next Academic Challenge will be a little more workshoppy, so gather up your personal protective equipment and get ready to submit a project. If you know an industrial arts or construction teacher, drop them a line about this so they can participate.

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    Notes: This was an AWESOME example of a guide of projects with clear connections to academic objectives.

    Integrating Art and Music into Other Disciplines
    To Enter:
    Complete the challenge as specified above and share a link for a Guide or Step-By-Step Instructable in the comments below. Closed to entries April 2nd.
    OPEN TO US, CANADA (excluding Quebec), UK and AUSTRALIA(official rules)

    1) You MUST post either a Step-By-Step Instructable or Guide
    2) All Step-By-Step Instructables MUST have at least 3 steps and full photo documentation. All Guides MUST include at least 4 projects and explicitly connect the projects listed to the academic standards below.
    3) There is no limit to the number of Instructables you can post. However, no duplicate entries are allowed.
    4) Projects that do not meet the criteria of the challenge will not be permitted to enter.
    5) The judges reserve the right to disqualify anyone who cheats or engages in unsportsmanlike conduct.
    6) To be clear, the project MUST be published after the challenge has started to be eligible.
    (see the official rules here)

    All entries must be published and posted in the comments below posted by 11:59pm April 2, 2012 PST/ 7:59am April 3, 2012 GMT. Deadline has passed.

    All entries will be exclusively judged by Wilgubeast based on successful completion, originality, and overall execution of the Instructable. Winners will be announced on April 4, 2012.

    Standards to Address:
    Select from the academic standards listed below. Create a project that demonstrates, teaches, or reinforces the concept listed. Either create an original project OR collect at least four existing projects into a guide (and be sure to explain how each project connects to the standard you chose.) Remember: create something that a teacher would want to use in the classroom. That's how I'll be judging. You don't need to be a teacher to make something useful, just keep the target audience in mind.

    Use experiences, imagination, observations, essential elements and organizational principles to achieve a desired effect when creating, presenting and/or performing works of art.

    Create, present and/or perform a work of art that demonstrates an idea, mood or feeling.

    Identify and describe personal preferences connected with viewing or listening to a work of art using terminology that conveys knowledge of the arts.

    Identify the disciplines used in an integrated work of art.

    Identify social, historical and cultural characteristics in a work of art.

    Describe how the arts serve a variety of purposes in the student's life, community and culture.