Introduction: Accessories Display From Bamboo

hiii guys !!

Today I will do some instruction about how to make an acc display from bamboo. No glue no nail no other materials only bamboo.

happy reading ..

Step 1: Prepare Materials and Tools

You will need


  • bamboo
  • chopsticks (bamboo) or you can use some dowels


  • saw
  • drill (hand or press)
  • axe
  • hammer
  • sander
  • ruller or pencil for measurement
  • etc

Step 2: Bamboo Cutting

Cut the bamboo with the saw ( for sizing its depends on how tall you want it be ) for me I need around 55cm.

And because I did this project at campus workshop I used jack saw to make it easier.

Step 3: Split Them

Now you need to split the bamboo vertically into a ‘C’ part.

You can use an axe and hammer.

Step 4: Make Them Into 2

Then you can divided them horizontally, I split them into 2 different size ( you can do some variation to make it not too boring )

Step 5: Drilling

Next make a hole with drill press or hand drill, make 2 or more holes as an attachment part and some other holes as a hole to hang a chopstick hook.

don't forget to make sure that the holes is perfect for your chopsticks or dowels size

Step 6: Chopsticks

cut some chopsticks or dowels as long as you need

for this project i need 4 chopsticks as a hook and 2 others for attach those bamboo one to another.

Step 7: Sanding

use some sanding paper to make them smoother

Step 8: Insert Chopsticks

insert some attachment Chopsticks into a holes and cut the rest of chopsticks as seen as on pic.

Step 9: Finishing

Use some finishing oil to do some vernix to make it more beautiful

Step 10: Done !!

and its all done

you can do many variation of this display and this is my variation

enjoy your DIY time guys !!

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