Introduction: All in One Multi Purpose Masala Red Chilli Powder

-This home made masala red chilli powder is versatile with roasted fresh spices.You can replace normal red chilli powder with this masala red chilli powder for your daily use in all food items.

-You can add it in all curries,fries,pickles or even snacks. You can add them as seasoning while making pizza.

-You can even mix in hot rice with ghee to relieve sore throat

-This powder gives nice aroma to any dish. This can be prepared and stored in tight container.


-20 dry red chillies

-5 to 6 large garlic cloves

-1/4 cup coriander seeds

-1tsp cumin and mustard seeds

-Half tsp fenugreek seeds

-pinch of turmeric

-salt for taste

Step 1: Keep All Ingredients Ready

-Remove the stem of dry red chillies and keep ready.Even take garlic cloves,coriander seeds,cumin ,mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds

Step 2: Roasting

-Take a wide pan and dry roast red chillies on low flame for 3 to 4 minutes.

-When they are roasted transfer them to a plate and cool them

Step 3: Dry Roast Remaining Ingredients

-To same pan add tsp of cumin,mustard seeds, coriander seeds,pinch of fenugreek seeds and roast

Step 4: Add Garlic Cloves

-Last add garlic cloves with skin, pinch of turmeric and roast for few minutes

-Adding garlic cloves with skin gives nice flavour

Step 5: Blend

-Cool all roasted ingredients and blend to powder by adding salt. store the powder in air tight container

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