Introduction: All in One Home Made Pickles

pickles form an all time favourite food.In india pickles are prepared during summer and stored in glass jars. Adding high concentrations of lime juice,spices and oil acts as a good preservative.pickles can be prepared with vegetables,mangoes,lime. These form an instant food with a bowl of rice when u dont feel like cooking.
I prepared pickles with 3 vegetables carrot,capsicum and cauliflower . Ingredients used in these 3 pickles are same except addition of sesame powder is required for capsicum pickle.

Ingredients:(for 3 pickles)
Diced carrots
cauliflower florets
Diced capsicum slices
Any vegetable oil
garlic slices
mustard seeds
cumin seeds
red chilli powder
turmeric powder
coriander powder
mustard paste or powder
sesame powder
fenugreek powder
lime juice

Mustard paste(senf) is available in many countries in grocery stores.Adding mustard paste is important for nice and tasty pickle. I bought it from the store but i wil give the recepie of home made mustard paste so that you can prepare if its not available.

Step 1: Preparation of Mustard Paste:

Ingredients required:
6T mustard seeds brown or white
vinegar 3T
salt 1 to 2 tbsp
1/2 cup water
mustard powder 1/2 cup

mustard paste is nice yellowish paste with pungent taste.It is used as dipping sauce.
Grind the mustard seeds in the blender.pulse the mustard seeds ( no liquid is needed).if u want little crunchy then u can proceed to step 2 but if u want soft paste then u can seive the blended seeds to remove the husk.
- Now add the mustard seed powder,salt ,vinegar and use cold water and give a mix.
- Initially it taste's bitter but as time passes atleast after a week you get real taste of mustard paste.

Step 2: Procedure for Cauliflower Pickle:

- clean the florets and dry them to remove the moisture from florets.
-Take a wide pan and add oil. Amount of oil you want to add depends on your choice. one tip is oil acts as a good preservative so u can add in high concentration if you want to preserve pickle for longer duration.
-Add the dried cauliflower florets and fry for just few minutes. Dont overcook the florets. they should be little crunchy.
-Transfer the florets to a mixing bowl
-Now add little more oil in the same pan .Add mustard seeds,cumin seeds.when they splutter add garlic slices. switch off the flame and add all spices coriander powder,redchilli powder,turmeric powder,salt, fenugreek powder, mustard paste.
- Mix properly and finally add florets .mix all spices with florets and squeeze lime juice.

Step 3: Carrot and Capsicum Pickle:

Ingredients and procedure used for carrot pickle are same.
Do tempering- Add all spices- Add diced carrots- mix- Squeeze lime juice.

capsicum pickle:
capsicum pickle requires extra addition of sesame powder which gives nice taste to the pickle.
Do tempering-Add spices including sesame powder-Mix-squeeze lime juice.

Step 4: Garnishing:

-I did garnishing with all veggies. First I made a flower pot.
Flower pot preparation:
- For preparing flowers I used 3 vegetables capsicum , tomato and carrot. procedure for preparing flowers is shown in pics.
- For tomato flower i made a cut in flower shape near the core of the tomato. Base forms the tomato cup and upper portion that is the core forms the flower. similarly i made cut in flower shape and created carrot flower.
-I arrangd sliced capsicum slices in the form of flower.
-I made stem of the flower with spinach and leaves using carrot.
- For preparing leaves I took thin slice of carrot- cut the border in leaf shape- Made small cuts on the border to form a pattern on leaf border-Marked the veins of the leaves-created small holes on the veins to form leaf shape veins.
- pot was made with bread by cutting bread slice in pot shape. I applied tomato sauce to give a brown coloured pot.

Step 5: Preparation of Tomato Cups:

I place my pickles in tomato cups. For tomato cups preparation I made a cut in flower shape near the core of the tomato. Base forms the cup after removing the flower.
-I place few salad leaves inside the cup and placed my pickle on it and topped pickle with green chilli and onion.

Step 6: Decorating the Border of the Garnished Plate:

- I garnished the border with carrot and tomato flowers.
- carrot flowers were prepared by cutting the base of the carrot in to leaf spikes and detaching the remaining carrot from base.
- I placed small cherries on the border.

Finally I made a lamb with cauliflower. pickle can be served with hot rice.

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