Introduction: Analog Photography Tips for Beginners

Have you always wanted to try analog photography but never felt brave enough? Do you even know what analog photography is? Well, listen up, as I will be explaining the in and outs to basic analog photography 101.  The term ‘analogue photography’ or ‘film photography’ refers to photography using a camera and film. With each click of the camera, light interacts with the chemicals in the film and an image is recorded. Film is then developed in studios and VOILA! You now have a beautiful image!

When taking film photography, there are many things that you have to watch out for, especially because you are a beginner. Keep reading! 

Step 1: Get to Know Your Camera

When film photographing, make sure you know how your camera works. Read the instruction manual for details or look at the image I have posted. You can't take pictures without knowing how to physically take pictures on your camera! 

Step 2: Focus Your Shot

Focus your camera using the dial or, if you have an auto-focus camera, simply half-press down the shutter.

Step 3: Choose Your Shot

Make sure that there are no objects that distract you from the main focus of your shot. Also, take into consideration shadows and the lighting of your picture. Something that might look like a really good picture at first glance might actually be a "bad" picture once you actually thing about your main focus and the feeling you want to project to your audience. Remember, changing the angle of your camera can make a whole different picture.

Step 4: Use Up Your Film Roll

Just keep taking pictures until your camera refuses to wind!

Step 5: Get Your Film Developed

If you're shooting negative film then you can go to lots of different places. Traditional black-and-white film a lot trickier process; check with a local camera store if you need help finding someone to develop your film for you.

Step 6: Go Take More Pictures!

Now you can go out and continue taking pictures! Experiment with mediums, shadows, angle of shots, etc. Just go and have fun!

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