Introduction: Angry Birds Game

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This Angry Birds game is a lot of fun. Ideal for playing outdoors.

Step 1: Piggies

Take a can (it doesn't matter if it's peach or pepsi) and put a sticker on it or stick a printed image of an angry birds pig on it.

Step 2: Birds

To make the birds, take a tennis ball and glue the stickers (or printed images) of the birds.

Step 3: Slingshot

For the slingshot, i used a toy slingshot, but if you want to make a slingshot, visit this instructable

Step 4: Bricks

For the bricks, I have used cardboard boxes and painted and covered them with paper.

Step 5: Getting Ready to Play

First, build the pig shelter. Then put the pigs in their places. To finish, prepare your birds. You are ready to play!

Step 6: Time to Play!

after you've done all the steps ... it's time to play!