Introduction: Angry Birds Red Bird Flower Pot

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Hi, everyone. this is my first instructable. Today I am going to show you how to make this awesome angry birds flower pot.

You need:

-A bottle

-Black marker


-Knife (if you are a child, ask your parents to help you)

-Papers of these colors: red, yellow and white.



Step 1: Cut the Bottle in Half

If you are a child, ask your parents to help you with this step.

With the knife, make a hole in the middle of the bottle. Then, pass the scissors edge into the hole and cut around it. You will have left something similar to the image.

Step 2: Cover the Bottle With the Red Paper

With the red paper, cover the bottle around and tape it.

Step 3: Drawing Details

Draw the hair, the eyebrows and the eyes contour, except the beak, you must do it with the yellow paper. Also the eyes, you must do them with the white paper and draw the pupils.

Step 4: You Finished!

You finished! Now you can put this pot in your garden, and plant something.

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