Introduction: Easy Puppets!

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Do you want to make a video of puppets and upload it to youtube, or do you want to do a live show? Well, check out this tutorial on how to make puppets!

Step 1: Materials

--Glue / Hot silicone

-1 roll of kitchen paper

-2 rolls of toilet paper




-coloured paper

-clothespins (optional)

Step 2: Cutting the Rolls in Half

With the scissors, cut the bottom part of the kitchen roll in half, as you see in the second photo.

Tip: hold the roll with clothespins, so that it dries faster.

While the glue is drying, cut one of the toilet paper roll, but this time, cut it in half. This will be the head. The other half could be used to make the head of another puppet.

Step 3: Creating the Body

We will use the other roll to make the body. Cover the roll with the paper and glue it on.

Step 4: Making the Face, Mouth and Arms

To make the face, hold the head (the roll cut in half) and the mouth (the kitchen paper roll) with a clothespin so that the glue dries faster. While it dries, draw in the lips and facial features. You can also make her hair out of paper or wool.

Draw a black rectangle on the roll of kitchen paper, it will be the inside of the mouth. Mine will be a clown. To make the arms, cut out paper with that shape.

Step 5: You Finished!

Time to play with your puppet! The mecanism is the next:

Move the bottom part (the rest of the kitchen paper roll) up with your thumb. Then lower your finger, and let your mouth drop. Now your puppet speaks!

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