Arm Knitting a Blanket for Beginners

Introduction: Arm Knitting a Blanket for Beginners

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This is a quick and easy to follow tutorial for arm knitting up a blanket FAST!

The entire blanket should take 1 to 2 hours depending on how fast or slow you arm knit.

Happy Arm Knitting!

Step 1: Watch the Video!

Follow along as you watch the blanket take shape before your eye's.

Step 2: What You'll Need

  • 3 kg (6.6 lbs) of lightly felted merino wool roving (watch this for a felting instructions) OR 150 Meters of super chunky yarn (knit with several strands at a time to bulk it up).
  • Your arms!

Step 3: Casting On

Start by chaining 18 (also called a mock long tail cast on)

WATCH VIDEO from 0:40 - 1:40

Step 4: Adding in Loops

Add loops into all the little dashes on the back side of the chain.

Watch Video from 01:34 - 04:00

Step 5: Knit the Body of the Blanket

Knit all rows until you have enough yarn left for one last row (the cast of row).

Be sure to slip the first stitch in each row (move it from one arm to the other without knitting it), this creates a nice smooth edge on your blanket.

Watch the video from 04:10 - 08:41

Step 6: Cast Off and Weaving in the Tail

Cast off by knitting 2 loops then dropping the back loop over the front loop and off your hand. Knit one more stitch, then drop the back loop over the front and drop it off.

Continue doing this until you have only one loop left in the blanket. Pull the tail through the loop, snug it up then weave in the tail. Also weave in the tail from the cast on side of the blanket.

Watch the Video from 08:38 - 12:03


You should have a gorgeous blanket now!

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    Question 2 years ago

    How do you make the holes smaller I don't like the blanket so loose I like it tighter.


    Reply 4 years ago

    This one was 40" x 60" (100cm x 152cm). I hope that helps!


    5 years ago

    This is genius.


    5 years ago

    Wow, that is amazing. I had no idea you could do that


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thanks, there's even a LOT more you can do with giant yarn ;)