Introduction: Asylum Halloween Party Invite

I love Halloween!

Every year we host a Halloween party and I try to come up with a creative "invite" idea.

This year the theme for our party is Insane Asylum .

I send out a “save the date” a couple months ahead of time. I attached a picture of the STD for this year.

So my idea was sparked by a medicine bottle that one person used as the invite.

You can find that here.

I like to send invites that people can look at , wonder about and be entertained by. I try to send a box of some sort with stuff inside.

I will post links to other invites I have done over the years so you can see those also, at the end of this Instructables.

So this year I had to come up with something that would make them feel like they were going to be admitted as a patient. So in my box I included a medicine bottle and a spoon, an id bracelet, a skeleton key, and a candle and the “certificate of insanity” (invite) I will go through each one of the items, let you know where I got them from.

Hope you enjoy it!

Step 1: Items That I Used

What I used to make these kits

boxes -


quilt batting

self sealing white wristbands

skeleton keys

small black candels

small amber plastic medicine bottles

certificate of insanity

old small spoons - good will

sticker paper ( for med label bottle, label on wristband, labels on packaging

Karo syrup (medication inside the med bottles)

Step 2: Lets Get Started

I started off by putting the boxes together and getting them ready to add the items of the kit.

I wanted it to look clinical, so I took quilt batting(found at Hobby Lobby) cut a square area to fit in the bottom of the box and then wrapped cheesecloth around it.

The finished product is a soft cushioned inside just right for all the stuff.

Step 3: Medicine Bottles

For the medicine bottles, i searched the internet for a vintage apothecary label that had to do with "nerves"

I found the one i used here

I sized the label in Word to fit the 4 oz med bottle and printed it off on full page sticker paper.

For the "nerve medicine" I added a little water to Karo syrup so that it was not so thick and then just pored it into the bottles. ( you may just leave the bottle empty totally up to you)

Step 4: Patient ID Bracelets

I tried to get real patient id bracelet but it was really cost prohibitive, so I settled for this id bracelet you get when you go into an event. I found them on amazon they were pretty cheap.

I used clear return address labels to add the patient info ( in Avery label maker online) and just stuck them on the middle of the bracelet. I put one in each box. I thought about doing one for each guest, but did want to work that hard, so 1 it was.

Step 5: Invite and "Certificate of Insanity"

I found the certificate after doing a web search. The file that you are pointed to in the first step is a editable PDF. You can change the cert number, DR name, and fill in the info in the middle.

As for the invite itself, i copy and pasted an asylum pic I found on the net inserted into a Word document and then typed my invite using 1942 font.

I printed the invite on the back of the certificate and printed it on an old cream colored thicker paper.

I folded each invited so that the picture on the heading of the invite is facing outward.

Step 6: Outside Labels

I used word in the same 1942 font that was used for the invite and listed each item in the kit, with a little blurb about it.

For the outside of the box I printed in large 1942 font "Asylum Admission Kit"

This was printed on white full page sticker paper that i just cut to fit the box.

Step 7: All Done

I wrapped the box in plain white butcher paper.

I added a return label and address label.

Most of these I hand delivery , in a few cases I do have to mail, it cost right about $3.50 to mail each box.

you can review my other invites below

Hope these inspire you to make a unique invite to.

Thanks for reading this now go vote for me!


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