Introduction: Attack of the AI

A few weeks ago, a friend purchased a LEGO board game from our local charity shop. We had so much fun playing this game that we decided to buy it off Amazon, but then realized that we could make it ourselves with our own LEGO. This game is our own version, is lots of fun, and takes very little time to make. This is just a guideline, and you can use your own ideas and create anything you like!

Step 1: Collect Your Bricks!

Firstly, you will just have to collect as many LEGO bricks as possible(its better if they are all the same colour, and you will see why later on)

Then, you will need to find the following "special" bricks(if you are having trouble finding these pieces, you could try your own ideas!):

For the actual map:

All the bricks you collected earlier

1 32x32 Base Plate

For the walls and the teams:

8 2x1 flats of each team colour(so 32 in total)

4 corner flats of each team colour(you can use an extra 2x1 flat and a 1x1 flat together as a corner)

4 1x1 bricks of each team colour(so 16 altogether)

4 2x2 bricks of each team colour

48 studs, 12 of each team colour

For the AI and his factory:

1 black cape

1 barrel

2 cones

3 black studs

1 pyramid piece

1 2x2 flat, grey

1 1x1 black brick with a stud on the side

1 1x2 grey flat with a stud on top

1 1x2 brick with 2 holes in the side

1 red stud

For playing the game:

1 die or try to make one out of LEGO and post it in the comments below!

Step 2: Build the Mini Map

The second step to building the game is to use the supplies you gathered and build the minimap! All you need to do is use all the blocks that are the same colour and build a wall around the baseplate. You can then start putting the walls on the inside. You can create your own mini map, but just remember you have to have a two block gap in must walls. If it is bigger, you won't be able to block the other teams with one wall(you will see why later.) Also, try to make your map as symmetrical(same on both, or all, sides) as possible. We have an example in the pictures above if you need help.

Step 3: Make the Players and the Walls

Next, you will need to make the people. All they are is a 1x1 brick of their team colour with a stud on top of that same colour. You don't really need a stud on top, and if you run out of studs you can just use a 1x1 brick by itself.

For the walls, you will need 2 2x1 flats in the team colour and two studs of the same colour for each wall. You can refer to the pictures to see how to build them. If you don't have enough pieces, again, you can try your own designs or check the pictures above.

The end spaces are relatively easy, using one corner piece in each team colour. or you can use a 2x1 flat with a 1x1 flat in the team colour instead.

Step 4: Build the AI and His Factory

To build the AI, you will need a barrel, 3 black studs, a cape, a 1x1 brick with a stud on the front, and a red stud for his eye. First, join the 3 studs together and then connect them to the barrel. Then, you put the holes in the top of the cape over the stud on the top. You can then connect the 1x1 brick to the red stud and connect that to the body, on top of the cape.

For the factory, you will need 2 cones, a 2x2 flat, a 1x2 flat will stud on top, a pyramid piece, and a 2x1 brick with/without holes. First, connect the pyramid piece and the 2x1 flat with a stud on top to the 2x2 flat. then connect this to the 2x1 brick with/without holes, and then you can then connect the cones to the bottom of the 2x2 flat.

Step 5: Assemble the Mini Map!

Once you have finished all the other steps, you can get all the pieces you have made and start creating the map. Firstly, place a 2x2 brick of each team colour in the four corners. Then, assemble the teams on top of their colour block. Next, place the walls you made on the outer wall, next to your team. You can then place the AI and his factory in the middle, and place the end spaces around it. Your game is now ready to play, but first, you will need the rules!

Step 6: Rules, Rules and Rules!

Your people can only move up, down, left, right, NOT DIAGONAL.

If you roll a 1 on the dice, you get to place a wall of your team colour anywhere on the map. Try to block your opponents from getting to the middle.

If you want to move a wall that is not your team colour, you have to place it on the outer wall, and can't use it to block someone else.

You can only jump over the walls of your team colour.

If you roll a two, you can move the AI 8 spaces, in any direction EXCEPT DIAGONAL.

If the AI jumps on top of someone, he kills that player and he has to respawn at his teams base.

After killing someone, he moves straight back to his factory, not as a turn, and he can only kill one player at a time.

If you roll a 3, 4, 5, or 6 you can only move your people, and if you roll a 1 or 2 you can't move your players, you have to follow the rules above.

The first person to get 3 players in their end space WINS!!!

If you want, you can make up your own rules, and tell us in the comments below!

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