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This is one my project where I used hot glue. The things needed to make these easy pencil toppers are:

  • Foam Paper
  • Marker, Pencil
  • Paper Cutter
  • Hot Glue

Step 1: Outline the Character With a Pencil/marker

Make the face, ears and nose of the character

Step 2: Cut Out the Outlines Made

Step 3: Time for Hot Glue

Stick the ears and nose of the character with hot glue

Step 4: Make the Holder of the Pencil Topper

Take a rectangular foam sheet and wrap it around a pencil. At the end of the sheet add hot glue and stick it properly.

Step 5: Stick the Holder to the Character Made

Add hot glue behind the character and stick the holder with it.

Step 6: Draw the Eyes and Mouth of the Character

Step 7: 2nd Pencil Topper: Take Two Rectangular Foam Sheets

Step 8: Cut Long Strips Out of the Foam Paper

Step 9: Use a Thread and Tie a Knot in the Middle

Step 10: Press It From the Top and Buttom to Give a Flower Look

Step 11: Make the Eyes and Nose of the Character

Stick the eyes and nose with hot glue and your pencil topper is ready. Also similarly make the pencil holder.

Step 12: And Our Pencil Topper Is Ready

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