Introduction: DIY Boho Style Curtain

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Having a lot of old clothes dumped into my store room, I was thinking of gathering them all together and utilize them in a proper way. And this is what I have came with, a boho style curtain from old clothes.


You would need:
  • Old Clothes
  • Old Curtain
  • Sewing Machine (Hot Glue can also be used in place of a sewing machine)
  • Scissors

Step 1: Bring Together a Few of Your Old Clothes

Step 2: Take One of Your Old Cloth and Cut Out Square Size Pieces

Step 3: Take Another Old Cloth

Take one previously cut square piece and place it right above your next old cloth and cut out eqaul size square pieces from it.

Step 4: Bring Together All Your Square Size Cloth Pieces

At least take 4 different old clothes and cut out square size pieces.

Step 5: Take an Old Curtain

Step 6: Place the Old Cloth Pieces Above the Curtain

In this step you can use a hot glue and stick all of them as shown in the picture. But in my case I have used a sewing machine to sew all the pieces.

Step 7: Take Your Square Size Cloth Pieces and Start Sewing Them Horizontally

Step 8: Now Sew the Pieces Vertically

Continue to sew in this way till you fill up the entire curtain

Step 9: And Your Curtain Is Ready

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