Introduction: Backyard Garden

I decided to renovate and beautify my backyard as it hardly had anything developed. I wanted a kitchen garden, floral garden and fruit trees. There’s nothing like home grown fruits and vegetables or a bunch of fresh flowers to spruce up your kitchen counter or dining table.

I also decided to go from light to a darker colored fence to get a cozy look. I always liked a chocolate brown color. It took me nearly a month to plant all trees, make new flower beds with white rock design and grow them into what they are today. It was hard work but it's all worth it!

Step 1: Supplies



Soil mix

Water/ Water Hose

Flower baskets

White stones

Red Mulch


Red bricks

Big Shovel

Small Shovel






Step 2: Making Flower Beds

Build round cement walls and dig holes in them and fill them with potting mix (soil). Plant different colored Petra crotons in each circle. Build a red brick wall around the area of your plants. Trim the grass using garden shears or lawn mower.

Step 3: White Stones Decorations

Trim the grass. Lay white stones around the planted crotons.

Step 4: Adding Mulch

Add Mulch to all plants.

Step 5: Flower Plants

Step 6: Potted Plants

Arrange potted plants on other side of the garden. This is my version of kitchen garden. I have planted Mint, Cilantro, Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Okra in them for now. I will keep increasing this in future. I have also planted a Mogra flower plant in one of these.

Step 7: Planting Rose Brushes

I planted Rose bushes all around my garden and pavement. Trimmed the grass, made a few more cement moats, added potting mix soil and mulch to them. Added a few other flower bushes too.

Step 8: Planting Fruit Trees

Planted my favourite fruit trees, to line the edge of my backyard fence. I've got peach, red apple, cherries, orange, green apple and pear trees.

Step 9: Hanging Baskets

I placed hanging flower baskets on either side of my pavement.

Step 10: Painting the Fence

Finally I got down to painting my fence a chocolate brown. The plants look really good against the backdrop of a darker color.

Step 11: Rose Garden

No garden is ever complete without bushes of roses. Why plant a single color if I can have many? That was the idea and I don't regret this decision!

Step 12: More Plants!

A lot of my plants I had planted earlier have grown and blossoming many new flowers. It looks beautiful!

Step 13: Finished Look!

Finally the finished look! But my garden adventures don't end here. I will be creating a pebble pond soon with a tiny waterfall and Koi fish. Will update my further garden development on instructables!

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