Introduction: Pearl Heart Jewelry Set

I am 13 and was inspired to make the above jewelry to match my party dress. The copper colored jewelry goes with a lot of dresses with intricate work. This copper metal can be interchanged with silver or gold plated chains/pendants depending upon your mood and the dress you plan to wear. I have fun designing my own jewelry from time to time. Hope you find it interesting too. Have fun!

Step 1: ​Supplies Required:


Jewelry Pliers

Necklace Chain (gold or silver)

Outline Heart Pendent

Heart Pearl Sticker

Transparent Stretch String

White Pearl Beads

2 Golden Earring Hooks

4 Small Golden Rings

Some Putty

2 Copper colored Metal Tags

Small Dome Pearls

Jewelry Hook

Step 2: The Chain

Choose a silver or golden chain. Attach the jewelry hook to the chain on one side.

Step 3: Making the Pearl Pendent

To make the pearl pendent, use the outline of a heart and stick a pearl heart on it.

Step 4: Finished Necklace

This is what it looks like!!

Step 5: The Second Pendent

For the second pendent, use the small dome pearls to fill in the big heart pendent.

Step 6: The Necklaces

Step 7: The Pearl Bracelet

Measure and cut a piece of transparent string according to your wrist size. Put a knot at the end of the string. Start putting the beads until the string is covered. Tie a knot, and cut out the access part.

Step 8: The Earrings

Put some glue on the ornamental copper colored metal tags. Use some putty to pick the dome pearls and stick them onto the metal tags. Then attach them to the earring hooks.

Step 9: Finished!!

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