Introduction: Balloon Glas Vase

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This is a super simple and quick home decoration DIY project! :)

Items required:

  • Small Shotglas (made out of glas)
  • Balloon
  • Scissor

Yes, that is it!

Step 1: Watch This Video! :)

This is a video instruction I made for this project! :)

Step 2: Cut and Roll

Cut of the small rubber "ring" on the bottom of the balloon where you usually fill it with air. Then roll the balloon so you easily can place it on the shotglas.

Step 3: Placement

Roll the balloon on the glas and try placing the tip of your balloon on the bottom of your glas, do also try to stretch the rubber so you do not get any wrinkles along the sides. Be careful so you do not destroy the rubber when you pull/roll it.

You do not need to place your top hole in the centre. Place it wherever you want to, as long as it is over the opening of the glas. :)

Step 4: The Result!

Watch this video to see some result shoots in the beginning of the video tutorial! :)

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Step 5: More DIY Ideas!

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