Introduction: Bear Ears for Hoodies

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In this instructable I am going to show you how to make cute bear ears for your hoodie! These are a way of just updating a old hoodie, or making your hoodies stand out. These are really easy and cheap to make, so I hope you enjoy learning how to make them :).
I am just showing you how to make the ears, but to attach to a hoodie, simply pin the ear where you want it on the line of the hoodie and sewing a running stich across to secure it or a tight blanket stich.
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Step 1: You Will Need:

•Felt in:
-Black/Navy Blue
-A bright colour (You don't need much felt for this!)
•Some stuffing (toy stuffing)
•Sewing Kit:
-Thread (Black/navy blue)
-A few pins
-Needle threader (optional)                     

Step 2: Cut Out the Pieces!

Print out this guide for the ears. Here is the approximate size pieces. You need to cut out 4x the main ear in blue/navy/black felt, then 2x the inside ear in your bright colour felt. Each ear takes 2x main pieces and 1x inside ear! You will probably want only 2 ears, but you could make a monster and use 2+!

Step 3: Sew!

Now you need to sew on the inside ear onto the main ear, making sure that you line up the straight edges and leave a small gap from the bottom of the inside ear to the bottom of the main ear. once you have lined it up, pin it as in the pics. I used a running stich, but back stich may look neater also, if you want that home-made look, use black thread-as in the pictures. If not, use a thread to same colour as the inside ear. Make sure you tie a knot when done, and don't sew along the bottom edge. If you can't sew, or don't want to, you can glue it on. make sure you don't use a lot of glue, as you don't want it soaking through!

Step 4: Attach Back Piece

Now you need to add the back of the ear. This is a main ear piece and you pin it behind the other main ear and line it up. Now you need to sew around it, starting at a corner of the bottom edge then sewing round the curved part, then finishing up at the opposite bottom corner. Leave the bottom edge open for stuffing. You could use a blanket stitch but unfortunately there is no option for gluing this time. 

Step 5: Stuff It!

Now you need to stuff you ears. I used a toy stuffing, which you can get from hobbycraft (UK) for under £5-  Fill it evenly and make sure you push it up to the top. If you fill them quite stiffly, they will stand up more and opposite for if you fill it lightly. Now sew up the gap with a blanket stitch and tie off.

Step 6: Repeat!

Now go back and do all the steps again to make another ear!

Step 7: Finished!

I hope you enjoyed making your Bear ears and have fun wearing them in your hoodie!