Introduction: Beat the Heat With Super Delicious Lemon Ice Popsicles

This is a very simple recipe to make super delicious Lemon Ice popsicles at home. These popsicles have been made with lemon juice, mint leaves, Sugar and water and kept in the freezer overnight in the popsicle mould.

Please see the following steps on how to make the Lemon Ice Popsicles

Step 1: What You Need

  • 4 pieces of medium sized lemon.
  • Handful of mint leaves
  • 3/4th cup of sugar
  • Popsicle Mould with 6 pops

Step 2: Extract Lemon Juice

  • Cut the lemons in half and extract the juice using a lemon juicer.

Step 3: Extract Mint Juice

  • In a mixer grinder jar, add the handful of mint leaves
  • Add little amount of water and crush to a fine paste
  • Filter out the mint juice and discard the remains

Step 4: Make the Lemon Mix

  • In a bowl take enough water required for the six pops in the mould
  • Add the sugar to water and stir till sugar dissolves in it
  • Now add the lemon juice and mint juice to the sugar water
  • Using a cheesecloth filter out any minute particles of mint or sugar present in the juice and collect the clean juice in a bowl.

Step 5: Fill and Freeze the Popsicles

  • Remove popsicle sticks from the mould, clean with water and dry
  • Pour the filtered lemon-mint-sugar juice in the popsicle mould leaving a little gap at top
  • Replace the popsicle sticks and place the mould in the freezer
  • Let the popsicles freeze solid in the freezer

Step 6: Enjoy Your Lemon Ice Popsicles

  • After freezing overnight, you may find the juice frozen solid in the moulds.
  • Remove the popsicle mould from the freezer in a sunny after noon
  • Sprinkle little water on the outside of the mould, overturn and tap
  • The popsicles will slide out from the mould

With the aroma of mint and lemon, this tastes so good and all six pops disappeared in a moment. There is more demand for my Lemon Ice Popsicles and I am asked to make it at least once in a week during summer months.

Try it at your home, you will love it

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