Introduction: Belt Loop Key Ring

This project was inspired from a commercial product. It is very functional, especially for those who carry a lot of keys and edc items.

Step 1: Tools & Supplies

  • Seatbelt webbing
  • D-ring (inner width of the ring should be same as the width of the seatbelt webbing)
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Sewing machine or thread and needle

Step 2: Cutting and Sealing

  • Cut 20 cm of webbing
  • Seal the edges using a lighter to prevent fraying

Step 3: Sewing

  • Pass the seatbelt webbing through the d-ring
  • Fold one side of the webbing to pass approximately 1 cm over the flat portion the ring.
  • While holding the ring and the webbing together fold the free end of the webbing underneath the previously folded end.
  • Join the three layers by sewing

That's it,