Introduction: Seatbelt U-Lock Holster

This project is the replicate of a commercial u-lock holster. However, it is much cheaper and very easy to make.

This could hold a mini u-lock, but you can cut according to the size of your u-lock.

Step 1: Tools & Supplies

  1. Seatbelt webbing
  2. Scissors
  3. Lighter
  4. Sewing machine or thread & needle

Step 2: Cutting the Seatbelt

Cut the seatbelt to obtain the following pieces:

  • 6 cm long - 4 pieces
  • 22 cm long - 1 piece (This length depends on the width of your webbing. I used 38 mm; if you use 48 mm cut 24 cm)

Don't forget to seal the edges using a lighter to prevent fraying.

Step 3: Sewing

I don't have a sewing machine so sewing job was accomplished in a local shoe repair shop. I couldn't take photos during sewing; however I attached edited photos to show the stitches virtually.

  • Lay the long webbing horizontally along its length
  • Place the 2 short webbings lengthwise perpendicular to the long webbing at each end to form a T-shape.
  • Be sure that the 2 pieces are aligned center with respect to the horizontal webbing.
  • Sew a box-x stitch to join the pieces together
  • Turn the back side of the joined pieces.
  • Overlay the other 2 short webbings on the previously sewn short webbings.
  • Stitch the short sides of the webbings to obtain a belt loop.

That's it.