Introduction: Best Out of Waste Crafts : DIY Plastic Spoon Room Decor.

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If you are an ardent lover of best out of waste crafts lover then, this DIY Plastic Spoon Room Decor, is one such crafts that will definitely grab your attention. There innumerable Best DIY Project ideas out there but making one recycled craft for your home gives you the feeling of adding beauty and charm to your living room and it is one home decoration that is absolutely eco-friendly!

What are you going to do with the plastic spoons left over after a party anyways? Why not make a stunning looking plastic spoon wall hanging with it. add a touch of playfulness and fun with this amazing DIY Home Project for your room decor, with plastic spoons. Get your kids help too in making this best out of waste craft and have fun.

Step 1: Material Required to Make the Plastic Spoon Wall Hanging.

There are a few requirements when it comes to making a wall hanging with plastic spoons. They Are:



Paint Brush

Plastic Spoons


Glue Gun


Craft Glue

Glitter paper

Decorative stones





Step 2: Create the Base of Your Craft!

Take a cardboard and mark 30 cms on the cardboard.

Take the center and draw the semicircle on the cardboard with the help of a divider.

Take a glitter paper and mark the same markings and cut out a glitter sheet to cover the cardboard.

Make a smaller semi circle in the base measuring 10 cm.

Step 3: Build on Your Craft!

Take a color palette with the colors yellow and pink in it.

Now grab some plastic spoons and paint them.

Let them dry completely.

After they dry apply some glue on the stick of the spoon and paste them in alternating colors.

Check out the video for a complete tutorial on how to glue the plastic spoons together.

Step 4: Your Craft Is Getting Ready!

Arrange the pasted spoons keeping the glittered cardboard as the base.

Step 5: Your Craft Is Ready!

Decorate the small space in the center and paste some decorative stones and mirrors.

Step 6: Watch the Tutorial!

Here you have it friends! Your very own DIY Home Decor Idea made entirely with Plastic Spoons. watch the complete step by step tutorial on how to make this recycled craft using plastic spoons. there is no doubt that children will enjoy making this amazingly simple and unique craft too!