Best Paracord Bracelet for Survival

Introduction: Best Paracord Bracelet for Survival

This paracord bracelet is made specifically for the survival aspect of having a paracord bracelet. I am quite proud on how this project turned out because this is my first paracord bracelet (but not my first paracord project).

Step 1: Materials

- makeshift jig (used a wood truck I made a few years ago as an intro to woodworking)
- 17 feet of paracord
- whatever you want to use for clips (I used a D ring and a random swiveling clip)

Step 2: Start Making the Core

I think the pictures show how it's done.

Step 3: Wrap My the Cord You Have Around the Core.

Wrap it around the core a then every few wraps pull it toward the end you started from then when you reach the end thread the cord in between the end of the core and pull it tight.

Step 4: Clean Up the Look

cut the extra off should only be a 3/4 inch total then singe the ends.

Step 5: Have Fun Wearing It

You can also put stuff on the inside of it to have a little survival pack in your bracelet.

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