Introduction: Book Earrings

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I have a favorite pair of earrings my hubSTAR gave to me that are little bound books. I love them and have been intrigued to make some myself.

This instructable is my first attempt.

Step 1: Materials

paper (I used lined composition book paper)
thin cardstock or cardboard
earring findings
needle nose pliers
thin tip marker
binding tape

Step 2: To Write or Not to Write?

I decided I wanted to use written pages for my little books. So the first step was to practice writing small and also to try out writing on the pages.

Using ruled paper, I measured and cut a few strips to practice on.

I also tried seeing what difference accordion folding versus signatures made to the overall book "look".
Accordion: Folding back and forth a long strip so that it resembles an accordion or fan.
Signature: A piece of paper folded in half.

Conclusion: No real difference. The accordion folds do not distract from the book feeling as the paper is thin enough to disguise this fact.

Having a very thin tip marker is helpful too!

Step 3: Cover, Glue and Findings

I had an old composition book that I used to cut out my cover, cutting the cover slightly larger than the pages. I used decorative tape for the binding tape, cutting to size. This binding was purely decorative. I also cut a teeny tiny "label" for the front to match the composition cover look.

Glue your pages together and the cover to the "endpapers". Make sure glue is evenly distributed and also thin.

Glue is your preference: I used white glue as I wanted to make sure later on the pages didn't become "unstuck" which sometimes happens with glue sticks. I also like to smear glue around with my finger...

Press down hard your glued surfaces with even pressure.

I added earring findings ( a small metal loop and the pierced earring finding).  Use a needle tool, needle or some other pointy thing to poke a hole in the  book binding for the loop. Thread the loop, close it back up with the pliers...

Put on earrings and admire the work!

Step 4: THANKS: My Lovely Husband, Books and Reading and This Community

I love earrings! And I collect different kinds to wear. My husband is responsible for about 1/4 of my collection as he will see something "artistic" and buy them for me. He is the most lovely wonderful man that I have had the privilege of sharing 30+ years with. He is my best friend and biggest supporter of all my puttering projects. I am blessed.

He and I share a love of reading.

I like to make books as well as read them. I don't know which is more fun, making them or reading them!

Instructables is a fun outlet for me to publish some of my ideas. It is also a wonderfully creative and supportive group of people who share a love of making things!

Thank you Thank you!

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