Introduction: Bounty Hunter Jet Packs!

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Ever since the Jet Packs of 2012,
my son has requested a Bounty Hunter Jet Pack...
like Jango or Boba Fett.
Here's how we did it!

Step 1: Let's Get Started...

You will need:
2 1-liter bottles
1 2-liter
Spray paint
Buckle...or seat belt
webbing straps...
hot glue/gun

We started by removing the tops of the soda bottles.
We spray painted them white and gray...
sort of a blaster scarred look...or carbon scoring...

Step 2: Pack Mount Assembly...

We used an old ramen noodle box...and some webbing
to make the backpack.

I cut the cardboard to fit the size of my sons back.
The webbing was threaded through slits, like a backpack...
tightened and then hot glued in place.

I knotted the back so I could loosen it when he gets bigger...
it will still take some reassembling, but I wont have to start over.

We used an old seatbelt for the front latching mechanism...
and seriously, that sealed the coolness deal!

Then we mounted the booster packs!

Step 3: Mounting the Rockets!

We used the bottles with the cone tips facing skyward this time!
With the center one raised a few inches it a bounty hunter missile launcher look!

Using hot glue to hold everything in place.
Yes, lots of hot glue...but very little waiting!

Step 4: Make It Look Cooler!

We made a some little felt caps for the tips of
the rockets...Begin with a rectangle shape of felt.
Hot glued in half just down one edge...
And then rounded the open edge...basically making a triangle/cone shape!

Hot glued and stuck right onto the tips!

Step 5: 20% Cooler.

Next we added some cardboard, some strips of felt,
and some exhaust cones?...for lack of a better term!

A similar open cone was made for the bottom of the boosters...
I hot glued a glass pebble inside at the tip and
pressed it on the base of the booster.
The gem keeps the cone in the proper shape and
mounts the felt firmly to the bottom of the soda bottle.

Finally, we added felt booster buttons and an ignition switch...
don't you love the imagination of a 4-year old?

Step 6: Ready, Set, Launch!

He buckles in...
He flips the ignition switch and makes a buzzing sound...
He whacks the boost button and zooom!
He takes off!
Running, circling, shooting and soaring through the yard!

Pure joy.  I am sure all the other Bounty Hunter moms
feel the same way I do!

Step 7: Hard Days Work!

Oh my, I love this!
Seriously, 2 hours later after play play play...I find him like this:
Totally asleep.
Probably just didn't want to take off the jet packs...
and he takes such good care of his stuff...he didn't want to crush them.
And his blaster pistols are tucked away in the remote pocket of the armchair!
I took some pictures, removed his jet packs and tucked him in for an
afternoon bounty hunter nap.
So adorable.

Hope you liked this instructable!
There's much more at my blog Doodlecraft!

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