Introduction: Braided Micro Cord Bracelet

This bracelet uses the Prusik knot which I learned while climbing with kids at a summer camp. It is a unique knot that only allows movement of a rope it is tied to when the body of the knot is moved. If the knot isn't supported, it quickly tightens up and makes it impossible to slide.

I came up with this design while prototyping this as a business idea. So if you want to help out a broke college kid, head over to my Etsy shop to check out this bracelet:

This is one of my more tame instructables but I have a couple pretty crazy ideas that I might build in the future. College is almost done so stay tuned!

Step 1: Gather Stuff


- Scissors/Knife

- Tape Measure


- Micro Cord (or honestly whatever kind of cord/string you want. I just use micro cord because its super strong, durable, and looks cool)

- Super Glue (not essential but it will help keep end knots from coming untied)

- Wax (not essential but it will help waterproof and make the bracelet more soft)

Step 2: Make It!!!

  1. Cut 3 strands of cord/string 43 in long (if you want to be precise)
  2. Tie off the 3 cords into an overhand knot
  3. Braid the 3 strands into a single cord 23 in long (this is if you want 3 strands around your wrist)
  4. Tie off the braid into an overhand knot.
  5. Next, choose 1 of the 3 strands and loop it around the main braided cord.
  6. Next, bring the chosen strand back over and loop it underneath the main braided cord again on the other side.
  7. Loop the strand a couple more times.
  8. Bring all three strands together again and tie them off in an overhand knot

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Now if you want to protect the knots you've just made from untying, apply some super glue to the overhand knots (don't glue the Prusik knot because this would make it never move and you want to be able to adjust the bracelet)

After letting that dry for awhile, trim off the excess cord and burn the ends if you want a lower profile look, or fluff the ends if you like that look.

Finally, you can rub your bracelet with wax to give it a more matte finish with better waterproofing.

Put it on by looping it around your wrist and tightening it down by holding on to the Prusik knot while you tighten or loosen the bracelet.

Voila! Change it up with colors and beads and whatever else you can think of!