Introduction: Bread in Horseradish Leaves (Polish Traditional Bread)

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There are a lot of bread types around the world. I will present You the bread from my country - baked in horseradish leaves which gave unusual taste.

Step 1: Recipe & Dough

You will need for making a dough:

- two cup of rye flour

- one wheat flour

- spoon of salt

- 20 dag of butter

Yeast mixture:

- one small spoon of sugar

- cup of lukewarm

- 5g yast

First make the yast mixture. Then make a dough. Add mixture to the dough.
This is typical bread recipe. Nothing fancy.

Step 2: Putting the Bread in the Leaves

Take the fresh leaves and clean them.

Lay them in cirrural shape and put the dough in the middle. Then try to cover the dough with the leaves. Some of them could be inflexible so use the knife to cut them to be more elastic.

Step 3: Baking

To bake the bread heat the oven up to 220 Celsius degrees. Then put the bread into for 30 minutes. After this time lower the temperature to 150 Celsisu degrees and let the bread for another 15 minutes. Then take the bread out.

Step 4: Bon Apetit

That's all. You can eat delicious bread. The best is with the fresh butter.

Bon apetit!

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