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Introduction: Bunny Bows

About: Black Lionhead Rabbit

I hope you and your bunny enjoy your bunny bows. My bunny Nala loves hers and never tries to get it off, it is so comfy to her

Step 1: Supplies

All you will need to make these bows are duct tape or wash tape and scissors.

Step 2: Measurments

First cut a piece of duct tape that is about 6 inches long(it depends on how big you want the bow).

Then you will also need to cut a 3 inch piece of duct tape, then rip that piece down the middle of the piece.

Step 3: Folding

Get out your 6 inch long piece of duct tape and fold it two times hot dog way, then cut a small piece of tape and form the two ends of the already folded piece into the middle, then get your small piece of tape and put it over the two middle folds and then your main part of the bow is made.

Sorry for the one upside down picture(editor does not work for me)

Step 4: Consturction

Next get out your 3" piece of duct tape and that you ripped in half then fold that piece hot dog way multiple times so it is skinny but not so skinny(make sure it is stable). Then you will need to attach the part that you just made to your bow so your bunny can wear it. This part is easy, all you do is to make sure you are holding that piece so it doesn't undo itself. Then get a piece of tape and tape it to the under side of your bow.

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