Introduction: Bunny Pencil Holder Out of Plastic Bottle

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Hi this is a really cute project I made just from a plastic bottle and paint

Step 1: What Do We Need for This Amazing Craft

We need paint:Pink,Black,White and someone colors for decorating
A bowl For water
Newspaper:So it doesn't drop on the floor
A plastic bottle
Different types of brushes

Step 2: Cut

You may use a scissor or a knife because cutting a plastic bottle is hard so cut it down cut the cap part

Step 3: Paint

Take a brush and paint it all white then do a double layer after it drys to be firm

Step 4: How to Make the Bunnies


Step 5: How to Draw the Bunnies

To make bunnies draw a circle of white doesn't matter if the base is white then make the ears with a thin brush then fill pink and make two eyes and a smile

Step 6: Make the Bunnies And.....DONE

Make the bunnies on the base decorate it do anything you want then keep your stuff
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