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This is a pretty little treat to make for yourself or to give as a gift. Hearts are universal and this little pin can be enjoyed year round!

Step 1: Supplies

You will need clay, I used clay suitable to be kiln fired, however, air dry clay can also be used.

rolling pin

heart shaped cookie cutter

texture mats

pin backs

*If you do the ceramic process you will need

red underglaze, sponge, brushes, a cup for water and clear glaze.

Step 2: Make the Hearts

First roll a slab of clay, then carefully roll the texture mat into the clay, be sure to lift the clay slab before cutting the heart shapes, after using the texture mat the clay often sticks to the table.

Step 3: Painting the Hearts

(If using a kiln, bisque the hearts) then paint them thoroughly using red underglaze, I chose Amaco, Bright Red Underglaze.

When dry, use a sponge to rub the extra paint off the surface of the hearts leaving enough paint in the textured pattern to be pretty.

I like to rub the sponge on the back side of the pin as well.

Step 4: Glaze the Pins

Finally glaze the pins and re-fire.

The glaze is clear, although it looks green until fired. I choose this particular glaze because I do a lot of ceramics with my students and when they use this green it is much easier to detect any missed spots while glazing.

Step 5: Place a Pin Back on Each Pin and Enjoy!

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