Introduction: C.Q.C.SMG (Close Quarters Combat)

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Whats up guys. ben the builder here with an ible i promised i'd post a little while ago, this is my SMG that i hadn't quite named yet, thank you to Lemonpickle for helping me with a name, it took me about 2 weeks to near perfect this gun, the only problem i ever encountered with it was that every now and then the ammo would kind of "jam", and sit in the mag with the firing pin juuuust out of its reach, i found that if you tap or hit the mag pusher upwards the round would simple 'pop' out and down the barrel.
well, let's get to it ^_^


-powerful still at 40 feet
-accurate up to 25-26 feet
-no jams, no slips, no mess ups OR injuries from the firing pin, and if you get injured by it you were looking to get hurt : / sorry <3
-it has a new snap on "railing" system
-true trigger

-the mag was a bit stiff sliding in
-cut/broken rods for the mag and handle

Now that's over with, lets build : D

Step 1: Lets Get Started!

okay, everything's a bit jumbled up. but it will all come together in the end : D
there's a lot of parts i'll tell you to make and leave aside simply because it's easier to do it this way than making it by layer

PIC 1) make these two panels
PIC 2) make these three panels and leave them aside
PIC 3) make this and place it aside, it's the first panel x3 connected by the white rods
PIC 4) make and leave aside
PIC 5) another angle of the inner end
PIC 6) another angle of the outer end
PIC 7) make and leave aside
PIC 8) make and leave aside
PIC 9) another angle
PIC10) make and leave aside
PIC11) make and leave aside
PIC12) make and leave aside
PIC13) another angle
PIC14) make and leave aside
PIC15) another angle
PIC16) put this together and leave aside
PIC17) firing pin tubes (w/o elastics)
PIC18) the underside of the tube
PIC19) note: the firing pin DOES NOT need to be tipped, i just use the same one in all my builds 
PIC20) gather these up and put them aside, the blue rods are bundled in 5's and no the tan clip and green rod aren't supposed to be connected.
PIC21) make the panels and gather the rest
PIC22) you should have no worries putting this part together, the panels are very different
PIC23) close up
PIC24) slip the blue rod in and add the white rod
PIC25) add in the green connectors and add tape to secure them in place

Step 2: A Few More Parts to Go!

PIC 1)  okay, make these two pieces, they do not need to be purple, you can use yellow connectors too
PIC 2) this one is completely separate to the other two, this is for the stock
PIC 3) another angle
PIC 4) another angle
PIC 5) make this and place it aside, if you don't use a broken/cut firing pin, then you can swap the cut orange connector for a single grey connector with a small 'y' clip attached to the end, the connect the 'y' clip to the white rod
PIC 6) make this and place aside
PIC 7) another angle
PIC 8) another angle
PIC 9) okay, this small black cap is just the same as attaching a tan/metallic blue connector to the end, it's just there to make sure the rod doesn't go anywhere.

Step 3: Piecing It Together.. Finally!!

PIC 1) remember those blue rods and bits and bobs i said to put aside?
PIC 2) slide on these three pieces
PIC 3) attach this next part onto the large side panel and slip the tan connector between the two yellow connectors
PIC 4) add more blue rods
PIC 5) slip these panels on like so
PIC 6) remember that trigger block? have fun
PIC 7) just a view over the top of the part you just added
PIC 8) a closer view on the side of the part you just added, and if you really wanted you could remove the white rod between the light grey connectors and put a blue rod in, i just found this way more structurally sound
PIC 9) add in the top "plate" to the firing pins' barrel entrance
PIC10) add this piece onto the end
PIC11) add the trigger guard underneath
PIC12) add this piece on like so
PIC13) what you should have so far in all this complicated mess : D
PIC14) add the rear flip down sights
PIC15) attach this earlier part so the sights work properly
PIC16) push on the firing pin tubing like so
PIC17) add on the top layer like so
PIC18) how the handle clips into place, you will have to remove both rods to get it on, i used them in the pic so you didn't have to go find them all later
PIC19) clip on this blue rod and connector for the mag
PIC20) remember the tan clip green rod and connector with the 'y' clip in it? (LOOK AT THE PIC PLEASE <3)
PIC21) add the two purple parts like so
PIC22) slip this through the centers
PIC23) attach the other purple piece onto the butt like so
PIC24) looks skewed doesn't it? don't worry, it looks better when it's all connected together, oh and have a look at the pic
PIC25) see, told you it looks better, as you can see just wrap a band through the orange connector to make the draw pin slide back into place nice and quick

Step 4: Magazine

PIC 1) the pieces you'll need
PIC 2) add the white rods to one panel like so
PIC 3) clip and slip these pieces on just like this
PIC 4) slip these green rods on like so, and the white rod at the bottom like so
PIC 5) place the rest of the magazine wall on like so
PIC 6) add on the second plate, you can make it look all fancy with the white rods and have them facing the same direction, but this way helps the rounds move up without jamming
PIC 7) okay, so to make this perfectly, just slip the pusher into the mag with a round in it, then add spacers until you fill the rest of the grey rod to the top, remove ONE blue spacer from the lot so it will push that last round instead of it just sitting in the top of the mag, see the last 4 pics for a reference
PIC 8) round in, mag pusher up
PIC 9) see the gap
PIC10) round out
PIC11) gap closed and there's still room for the firing pin to "miss-fire", if it does, and there will be no damage done to your gun : )


PIC 1) my horrible attempt at an ACOG sight
PIC 2) another angle
PIC 3) upside down
PIC 4) holographic sight ( add tape when you're done to secure the white rods in place, or just ot make it look cool : 3
PIC 5) top view
PIC 6) ADS, i'm pretty sure the orange "rail" piece is connected to a 'y' connector
PIC 7) the underside of my holo sight
PIC 8-11) my grenade launcher and a few angles to help you build it, the red rod was already cut so i used that, i don't know where it came from, but hell, it works : D

and now you guys are done, umm...

have fun i guess : D 
rate, comment if there's not enough info or pictures, lemme know if you guys like what you see and please if you use anything from the gun, like the clip on system, credit me for it, i'd absolutely love the appreciation. last but not least have fun! : D

ben the builder, over and out