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Over the summer, I became a little obsessed with odd count peyote. I learnt how to make a name bracelet and I loved it so much, I just kept making bracelets!! I came up with a design that was so similar to this and made a cute bracelet, but with Halloween coming up, I decided to switch it up a bit and make these adorable candy corns!

Step 1: The Pattern

Here is the pattern for the bracelet. This is obviously only a small section of the bracelet. The length of your bracelet will differ depending on what size beads you use and what size your wrist is. (I know that may seem like an obvious statement, but after working in a bead shop for a year, I got sick of "how many beads does it take to make a bracelet?")

The beads that I used for this bracelet are delica beads by the brand Miyuki. They're cylindrical in shape, as opposed to round, making them perfect for bead weaving as they sit flush side-by-side.

The colours I used are:
DB010 - Black
DB200 - White
DB-1132 - Canary Yellow
DB-651 - Opaque Squash (Orange)

I also used a size 10 beading needle and Nymo beading thread in black.

Step 2: The Tutorial!

I haven't as yet done a step-by-step photo tutorial for how to do odd-count peyote stitch, but I know you'll be able to master it just from watching the video! It's so simple to do, once you get your head around the twiddly bit at the end of every other row!

I can't wait to see all the bracelets you make using this method :D