Introduction: Carboard and Ductape Fidget Spinner

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Today I'm going to show you how to make a durable and fairly heavy fidget spinner out of cardboard. This instructable offers a good way to craftily craft your own design if more advanced ways aren't available to you (3D printed or CNC to list a few). The project took me about an hour so it's not too time consuming and all you need is common items except for the bearing. Basically all your doing is cutting out the shape you want your spinner to be and layering it to make a 3D object. Its an easy and fun way to make this fidget toy.

What you will need


1. Cardboard: you want the thin cereal box kind.

2. Hot glue sticks: about 3

3. Duct tape: (optional)

4. Staples :(optional)

5. Bearing: I've heard the long board bearings are the best


1. Hot glue gun

2. Scissors

3. Stapler: (optional)

Step 1: Make It

  1. The first thing you have got to do is decide what you want your spinner to look like. Once you've done that then you have to draw it. Now because most spinners have three parts I started by drawing a hexagon and dividing it into thirds. Its good to start with a basic shape and work of that so you make sure your fidget spinner is semmetrical and well balanced. Next sketch your fidget spinner design and cut it out. Now find the center of your cut out and make a hole there a bit bigger then the hole on the inside of your barring. Your fist cut out will act of the bottom of your spinner. Next replicate your cut out about ten times. If your cut outs vary a bit in size then trim them down. once you've got them all in line cut a hole in one of the cut outs that is the same size as the hole you cut in your first cut out. This piece will act as the top of your fidget spinner. The rest of them should have a bigger hole the size of the out side of your barring. Next layer all the cut outs with the big hole together and put a bit hot glue between each layer. Stick in your bearing and it should fit snugly. Now glue on your top and bottom layer. This the body of your fidget spinner. Now fold up some card board and wedge it into the middle of your barring. This is the piece that you will hold. Now its time to soften your spinner up. Put a dab of hot glue on either end of the folded piece of cardboard so it doesn't hurt your fingers when you squeeze it. Also coat all the outside edges in hot glue. Now I don't like the feel of cardboard too much so I coated my spinner in duck tape. You don't have to do this but I think it makes the spinner nicer. The last thing I did was staple in some neon green staples to give the spinner a cool look. There you go, you're done! Hope you enjoy fidgeting and comment below.