Introduction: Cardboard Ammo Box (for Airsoft & Nerf)

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Hi guys n gals .
at first the reasson i made a cardboard ammo box is beacuse its illegal to have one (real) and you cannot buy the ammo boxes , but i like to have one for my own so made for myself.
you can put your airsoft grenades and ammo or nerf supplies in it 2 i guess it can fit 5 nerf grenades you can use this it your back yard battles or your airsoft battles for carrying extra ammo supplies for personal usage or share it with your battle mates .
now lets get started .

Step 1: Material Needed

1)cardboard sheets
6)recite paper
8)brush (12)
9)paper clip
and you are ready to start.

Step 2: Scales and Sizes

in the picture above you can see what are the scale and sizes for creating your ammo box .
there are more sizes above but the one i made is 30CAL ammo box.
(1st picture)

Step 3: Making the Main Part

making the main part is like making Rectangle box .

  • cut 2 peaces of 30x17.5 cm cardboard .
  • cut 2 peaces of 30x8 cm cardboard .
  • cut 2 peaces of 17.5x8 cm cardboard .

and attach em to each other like the picture above
Notice : pay attention to how i glue them to each other and made the connections for a clean and better shape.

Step 4: The Door

for making the door or the box you need to make a 32x8cm and add +3.5 to both sides
like the picture (1) above ,open the picture (1) for more info.
right now at the moment we need the 30cm of the main part
and for giving it the shape open a patch where the extra patches connect to the main part (don't cut it deeply just open the surface (first layer ) of cardboard) and bend it to inside (90 degree))
look at the picture 4 for understanding the shape's actual look
if it doesn't hold the shape use tapes to hold it & after a while remove the tapes (like 3-2 hours) and you will be good).
in the last picture i used glue and tape for keeping the shape of the extra sections and i put books next to both sides to keep it tight .

Step 5: Making the Hinge

1)box hinge section.

for making the hinge you need to pick up a 8cm straw and cover over half of the straw with receipt paper you will get something in the picture 5 . (optional)

  • (the reason why i said optional in the first line is that i was lazy of calculations and make a 1 peace hinge i will explain later how you can make a double hinge or triple .(systematicly the more hinges you have the more stronger the door will be. )

and fill both straws with receipt paper .(to make it strong and unbreakable)(picture 4)
after this process attach the hinge to the box like picture 5 .

2)door hinge section.

roll a 4 cm receipt paper over the straw (same size like the one you used on the box's hinge .
after that attach it to the door (see picture 1 for where you should attach it and look at picture 6 & 7 for a better idea)

Optional section

as i said i was lazy and make the box's hinge in 1 peace and it causes a little problem that it sometimes floats and dont directly come on the box .
the reason to avoid this problem is to add several hinges and dont make only 1 8cm hinge .
i made a double hinge system aside the actual project to show you how to make it
each of them (completely are 2.5 cm ) and the covered area is 1.25 cm .(attach these to the box)
you should make a receipt roll with 1.25cm and attach it to the door . ( you can understand what do i mean in the 8,9,10,11, pictures)
and the last 3 pictures are the actual hinges for a real ammo box.

in the picture 12 you should have something like that if you followed me instructions

(sorry for bad explanation )

Step 6: Making the Lock

its not the complete lock system its just only a detail that i just added to look more real.
sizes are (5cm x 6.5cm)
at first i cut out 5 layers of cereal cardboard and made a hole on each of them (the size was random ) and attach them together.
then i cut out a cardboard (normal ones) peace with the sizes above and repeat the same process .(you should have something like picture 1)

pick your paper clip and shape it like this .(picture 2)

push it inside the lock thing and shape it like picture 3 .

congrats the building process is over you must have a ammo box like picture 4 n 5

Step 7: Coloring

i used viridian poster color for the body and grey acrylic color for the hinges .
(i am a total noob at coloring and my coloring ruind the look ;_;)

you can put stickers like picture 3 to your box and make it look nicer like picture 3

♦♦♦congratulations you have finished your ammo box prop♦♦♦
sorry for bad English and bad explaining i tried my best to explain the process . if you have any ideas or question comment them down below . thanks for your time ♥ hope to teach you the thing you wanted . P.N : i don't take any responsibilities for any miss use or problems