Introduction: C4 Prop (Cartoony)

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Hi guys n gals lets make a c4 for movie making or cosplay .
its very cheap and basically you can find the materials in every home
1-cardboard sheet
3-foam board (3mm)
5-LED (optional)
6-A4 sheet
7-hot glue gun
8-black paint
9-white paint
10-glue ( i used foam glue)

note:please see the pictures with the texts to understand better

Step 1: C4 Blocks

OK you need to create 2 C4 blocks .

  • size:

main surface : 11.4 x 8.4 (CM)
Length: 11.4*1.5 (CM)
width : 7.8 x 1.5 (CM)

after you cut out the peaces on card you should hot glue them together
Note : Look at the pictures for a better reference on how to make it thinner .

Step 2: Wraping

So basically you should wrap the printed paper on your cardboard blocks
you can download the picture from link below
Download Now !

Step 3: Making the Key Pad

  • i recommend you to make your own key pad because i try to keepit cartoony as much as possible .

so the sizes for making the key pad are
Main surface : 5 x 8.8 (CM)
Length : 9.3 x 2.1 (CM)
Width : 5.1 x 2 (CM)
hot glue the length and width parts together but be care full to glue the above main surface 5 (mm) lower than actual top ( to make the key look better)
attach a peace of paper to the above main surface .
paint the whole thing black .
paint 2cm of the above main surface grey (because of the counter part )

  • after you make the box it is time for making the keys

you should cut 1x1 (CM) foam board peaces and color them white
write numbers on them like the picture above and glue them to the above main surface .
attach the led (red was my optional color) to the top right side of your ''width'' surface
make 3 holes with a small screw driver or any small sharp thing on the bottom Width surface and attach them to the key pad.

your key pad is completed .

Step 4: Sticking the Part Toghter

  • stick 2 block of c4 together and let them dry (DON'T proceed if the glue is not dried )
  • glue the key pad to one of the blocks (glue it a little near to the bottom of the block because the wires shouldn't look long)(look at picture)
  • make 3 holes on the bottom width surface of the c4 block and attach the wires to the c4 block from keypad .

    ♦♦♦congratulations you have finished your c4 prop♦♦♦
    sorry for bad English and bad explaining i tried my best to explain the process .
    if you have any ideas or question comment them down below .
    thanks for your time ♥ hope to teach you the thing you wanted .

    P.N : i don't take any responsibilities for any miss use or problems

Step 5: First Plan

and this is the first plan i drew for the key pad if needed you can download it