Introduction: WW2 -1/2 Pound TNT Charge Prop

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Hello dudes .

so i am really into history and mostly WW2 back in the day i used to play a game called medal of honor:Airborn
the first mission is to destroy nazi AA guns in a village and they (us para) used this charges to take AAs out so i really wanted to make am as a prop and i did !
i want to share it with you and i want you to share this thing with people whom like ww2 history because this is a FREE printable for you guys to enjoy and have fun .

Step 1: Supplies

ok dudes so the things we need to create this tnt blocks

1)card board sheets (3mm)
2)hot glue
3)white glue
4)paper (brown)
5)x-acto knife
6)red wire (25 cm)
7)paper clip
8)black electric tape
9)red electric tape
10)yellow straw

Step 2: Making the Body of the Block

cut the card board in these sizes

2x (4.3x4.3)cm

2x (4.3x8.4)cm

2x (3.5x8.4)cm

and stick em together using hot glue (use minimum of glue cause if you use a lot the peaces might not attach properly .
then wrap the file the label on the body you made (use the picture above no resize needed just print it on glossy paper 135 g )
then use light brown paper to cover the sides and you should get something that looks like this .


Step 3: Making the Fuse

cut a peace of straw (5-7cm) and put the red wire in it but with a little space at the open end

now pick up your paperclip and bend half of the open ended rod (90 degree to outside)
use red electric tape cover the paper clip as shown in the picture .

now put some hot glue in the straw and attach the wire and paperclip together like last picture

your fuse is done

Step 4: Combining the Parts

put the block next to each other like in the picture .
make a hole in on of the blocks and put the other end of the wire in it then shape the fuse part like in the picture above and use black tape to stick both blocks and fuse together . and at the end you should a prop like the picture above .

reference pictures are above so you can make your prop more realistic .