Introduction: Cardboard Foldable Handheld Fan.

This is instructions on how to make a handheld cardboard foldable fan it is very simple and will only take about 10 minutes to make please enjoy.

Step 1: Cardboard

Cut out multiple strips of cardboard that measure 1“ x 6“.

Step 2: Skewering

Hook the skewer through each strip of cardboard. Leave plenty of skewer on each side.

Step 3: Gluing

Glue string to the middle of the first strip of cardboard. Then to the edge of the next two. Attaching string the whole way.

Step 4: Continue Gluing.

Glue the string to the edges of the rest of the strips.

Step 5: the End of the Gluing

When you get to the last strip glue the string to the edge of the strip as well as the back of the strip.

Step 6: Cutting the Skewer

Cut the ends off the skewer where there is excess. Glue a small piece of card board to either end of the skewer . Be careful when cutting so you don’t cut yourself like I did.

Step 7: Good Job

You have now completed the project enjoy your foldable fan when you are feeling too hot and need to cool off. Thank you for reading enjoy and tell your friends .

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